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Basketball Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst Ann Meyers breaks down the guards available in this year’s draft.

Here’s her scouting report on the top guards in the class of 2003, based on the players she’s seen over the course of the season.

Ann Meyers predicts that Kara Lawson will be the first guard picked.
(Photo courtesy of the University of Tennessee)
Kara Lawson (Tennessee) will be the top guard picked. I think the thing that sets her apart is her leadership. In talking to WNBA coaches, they’re impressed with her ability to direct the team. She’s a good ball-handler, an adequate three-point shooter, and she gets in the lane. One question people have said for her on the pro level is her quickness, but I think she has so much desire to do whatever has to be done to get better that it shouldn’t be a problem for her.

Teams will look at Ashley McElhiney (Vanderbilt) but her size (5-6) will hurt her. She’s a good three point shooter, ball-handler and passer.

I don’t know if Shaquala Williams (Oregon) is a true point guard. I think she’s played the 1 and 2 up at Oregon. The pros like her speed and quickness, her ability to get in the lane and she can shoot the three. Is she the point guard that’s going to set everybody else up? I don’t know.

Would Cleveland be interested in another small guard like Constance Jinks?
(Photo courtesy of UNLV)
Constance Jinks (UNLV) can really score and she is also a good passer. She’s very quick, but the size will be a question at 5-7. Cleveland has drafted Brandi McCain at 5-3 and Helen Darling at 5-6 and Suzie McConnell at 5-6. So Cleveland is a team that has taken small guards in the past, but do they want another?

Darling is coming off the pregnancy and Jennifer Rizzotti had some injuries last year, but whether or not they want a small guard, we’ll have to wait and see.

Coretta Brown (North Carolina) is very quick on the defensive end and she goes to the boards. She’s not a great three point shooter; she’s more of a penetrater, mid-range jumper. She’s. She has a possibility of getting drafted.

Dana Cherry (Arkansas) is good defensive player. She handles the ball well, and she's quick and she’s got some size. But again, she's not strong with the three point shot.

I think Michelle Greco (UCLA) has a chance of getting drafted, maybe in the second round. She’s a tough kid and she has improved her three-point shot. She’s a good ball handler and she knows the game. Greco’s a great hustler and a pretty solid defensive player.