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Following up on her analysis of the top guard prospects, Basketball Hall of Famer and ESPN analyst Ann Meyers breaks down the forwards and centers available in this year's WNBA Draft.

Here’s her scouting report, based on the players she’s seen over the course of the season.

Ann Meyers predicts that LaToya Thomas will be the first overall pick.
(Photo courtesy of Mississippi State)

At 6-6, Chantelle Anderson has the size.
(Photo courtesy of Vanderbilt)
I think LaToya Thomas (Mississippi State) is going to be the number one pick overall. She has a body that can play the four or the five because she can post up. She needs to get her ball-handling skills down, but she’s a type that can become like a Tina Thompson. She has the ability to shoot the three; she has great range. She’s a very strong inside presence, and she’s a good defensive player. She has to get quicker on the outside defending because in the WNBA she’ll have to defend not only in the post position but in the perimeter. LaToya Thomas is someone who can rebound with anybody.

Chantelle Anderson (Vanderbilt) could be number two pick. Her size alone at 6-6, nobody’s as big as she is coming out. Anderson led the nation in field-goal percentage as a sophomore and was second last year. She has terrific footwork and a nice soft touch, but she has to get stronger. There is a question mark with her foot: she dislocated her toe this season vs. Tennessee and played with this problem and is having doctors look at it in the offseason, so I know that will be a concern for teams. But she’s got a soft touch, fifteen foot range, can play the high post and is an excellent passer and shot-blocker.

I think Cheryl Ford (Louisiana Tech) will go in the top five. She’s strong, very strong. She has to get a few more moves down on the post, but once she’s down low, she’s very hard to maneuver. She moves her feet well and is an excellent rebounder – she just has a nose for the ball. She was third in the nation in rebounding this year, and she’s a two-time WAC player of the year.

Plenette Pierson helped her stock in the NCAA Tournament. (Photo courtesy of Texas Tech)
I think Gwen Jackson (Tennessee) has helped her stock in the NCAA Tournament, showing her ability to knock down threes, putting the ball on the floor and playing inside. She’s a solid rebounder when she wants to be, and she’s worked hard on defense. I see her more at a three than a four.

Jocelyn Penn (South Carolina) is a terrific defensive player. She can defend different positions – she can probably defend the three or the two. She has a midrange jumper and is very fast in transition. She’s a very good rebounder, but she needs to work on her threes and ball-handling.

Plenette Pierson (Texas Tech) also helped her stock in the NCAA tournament as people got to see her play. She’s a total post-up player with a mid-range jumper, about 12 feet in. She has pretty good footwork in posting up and lots of moves inside, and she’s had a whole different attitude this year.

I think DeTrina White (LSU) is a good pick. She’s healthy, and with her being healthy, she’s a very strong rebounder. She has good footwork inside and is tough to stop on the low block. She’s quick defensively and strong.

Petra Ujhelyi is a 6-4 European player who can rebound. (Photo courtesy of the University of South Carolina)
Schuye LaRue (Virginia): The fact that she’s been overseas playing has probably helped her game tremendously. It gives her a year of experience, and she is a fluid player. Not having seen her for a year, has she improved her defense? The fact that she’s been overseas playing has probably given her a little more seasoning, as compared to college players coming out, but we’ll have to see.

Mauri Horton (Rutgers) is an athlete and she can put the ball on the floor. Petra Ujhelyi (South Carolina) has got to make shots, she’s got to finish. But she’s a 6-4 European player who’s a rebounder and big inside defensively. I think she’ll get looked at.

Mary Jo Noon (Purdue) might get a look. She broke her foot early in the preseason, but she’s healthy now and running the floor. She’s got great size at 6-5, and she’s tough to move out of the block. She’s a physical player, but she has to be more aggressive rebounding.