The WNBA Draft Fan Forum is shaping up to be a Chantelle Anderson vs. LaToya Thomas debate for who will be the top pick in this year's draft. There's only one way to find out, but until then, keep letting us know what you think.

Here are some of the comments fans have been saying in the Fan Forum:

Chantelle Anderson
(Photo courtesy of Vanderbilt)
"I think the top draft pick will be Chantelle Anderson from Vanderbilt. She is definitely one of the best and quickest post players around. She has so many weapons and would be an asset to any team." (Kim from Centerville, Tenn.)

"My first pick of the 2003 draft would be Chantelle Anderson. For my team, The Houston Comets, I feel we need a shooting guard or a center. We need another person that can score 10 to 17 points per game. We need someone in the middle to back up Michele Snow but they must be able to score and block shots as well." (Ella from Houston, Tex.)

"LaToya Thomas should be the No. 1 pick in the draft. She is the best college player today. I have had the pleasure of watching her play in person for 4 years, and no coach or team has been able to stop her. She has played in the SEC against tough competition every game with a supporting cast that admittedly didn't compare to what some other top players have the privilege to work with. Toya has had to generate her offense on her own much of the time, and she is talented enough to score against any top team she comes up against. She has improved dramatically on defense as well. She has also been injury-free. I wish her all of the luck in the draft. There will be one team who will be getting a true gift when they draft Toya." (Margo from Madison, Miss.)
LaToya Thomas
(Photo courtesy of Mississippi State)

"I think that overall LaToya Thomas should be good for any team over all, if looking for a good post player there's none better than Chantelle Anderson, and point guard position should go to Kara Lawson." (Doug from Ashland City, Tenn.)

"I think this year's WNBA Draft is loaded with talent; however, I think the number one draft pick will be Plenette Pierson from Texas Tech University." (Vincent from San Antonio, Tex.)

"I think Michelle Greco of UCLA is a great player, and will contribute majorly to any team she gets put on. Best of Wishes Michele, I'll be watching..." (Jennifer from Alta Loma, Calif.)

Cheryl Ford
(Photo courtesy of Louisiana Tech)
"The team that gets Cheryl Ford will get an outstanding player and winner. She has the size, talent, heart, strength, health, and attitude to play and dominate for years to come. Few but she can train and keep up with dad Karl Malone. Her best years are ahead for some lucky team." (Carroll from Ruston, La.)

"I think Trish Juline will go high, because of Nova's win over UConn. She's a good player and will go high because of her leadership qualities and good play despite Villanova's lack of alum in the WNBA." (Lauren from Storrs, Conn.)

"I think that the three out of the first four selected will be forwards/centers, with Kara Lawson being one out of the top four." (Harry from Corpus Christi, Tex.)

"I think Constance Jinks from UNLV is definitely worth being a top-10 pick! She is lightning quick and has a nose for scoring. She also is a more than average defender, which only proves that she keeps on getting better. Just take a look at her UNLV stats and you'll see why! She also played with Linda Fröhlich for 3 years, but showed as a senior that she is totally capable of doing it by herself Also a lot of props to the other seniors: Dishawn McCracklin, Julia Gray and Talisha Mitchell!!!" (Evelien from Gent, Belgium)