Thanks to all of you who participated in the 2003 WNBA Draft Cybercast with host Swin Cash and a roster of guests that included top draft picks Read what Swin Cash had to sayduring the cybercast, plus check out chat transcripts from each of our guests:

The Picks:
LaToya Thomas | Chantelle Anderson | Cheryl Ford
Kara Lawson | Gwen Jackson | Aiysha Smith

Last Year's Rookies:
Sue Bird

The Second Pick in the Dispersal Draft:
Sheri Sam

Lior, Israel: Hey Swin, how does it feel having no Huskies around?

Swin Cash: It's fine. We had our share last year.

Moderator: Swin, what do you think about Plenette Pierson going to Phoenix at #4?

Swin Cash: I was a little shocked by that pick, but Phoenix is getting a great athlete in Plenette Pierson.

Moderator: With the fifth pick, the Detroit Shock pick Kara Lawson. Swin, what do you think about this addition to your squad?

Swin Cash: That's an awesome pick for us. She's an awesome player. Kara Lawson is a great shooter. She will have a great impact on our team.

pete (newark): swin, i enjoyed your commentary during the ncaa tournament. any chance of a future broadcasting career when you're all finished playing?

Swin Cash: I had a lot of fun and I was really thankful for the opportunity and hopefully it will open more doors for me in the future. (Hint, hint, ESPN and all other stations.)

Jody (NYC): Swin, care to comment on the dispersal draft and which team you thought was helped the most by the dispersal draft?

Swin Cash: I think every team gained a little.

Jen(ambridge,pa): Swin,I'm your number one fan, and wondered what type of adjustments you had to make in your game going from college to professional level?

Swin Cash: Mentally and physically, it is a big transition, but if you have a good work ethic, it makes it a lot easier.

mike(d.c.): Swin, do you think your team now will take on more or less the "bad girl" image, now that you have a tough nosed coach?

Swin Cash: We've been bad girls. :) Now we're just going to show it on the court. (Kidding!)

Jermaine(Austin): Of all the top five players drafted who do you think will make a bigger impact in the WNBA?

Swin Cash: Obviously LaToya Thomas is going to make an impact immediately. And Cheryl Ford will have the minutes to produce, so what she does in those minutes will dictate how successful Detroit will be.

Brittney: What are your predictions for this year? Who will win this year's championship?

Swin Cash: Detroit.

Robert (Richmond): Swin, what's your favorite city to play in on the road?

Swin Cash: D.C. and Cleveland because they're the two closest to my family.

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Swin Cash: LaToya, how do you feel transition-wise with school and everything going right to the WNBA?

LaToya Thomas: It's hard, but I'm anxious to see about training camp and what it's all about. It's what I've been dreaming about.

Swin Cash: How does it feel to share today with your family?

LaToya Thomas: It is great. I'm the first one to come out of the family and make it. It's great to see everyone watching back home and predicting where I'm going to go.

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Nashville, TN: I wish all the best to Chantelle, Gwen, Kara and Ashley in today's draft!!! Long live the WNBA!!!

Chantelle Anderson: I'm just extremely excited. I think it's a great opportunity for me to go to a team that has so much talent already. They had so many injuries last year, thus their position in the draft, but they have so much talent so I'm excited to be a part of it.

Rebecca (NYC): Dang, but does that ever give Sacramento a frontcourt to scare everyone.

Chantelle Anderson: That's a huge front line right there. I'm just looking forward to getting better and contributing.

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Swin Cash: Talk a little bit about how excited you are.

Cheryl Ford: I'm very excited. When they called me and asked me to come out and be here today, I was just overwhelmed.

JasonB - DC: Cheryl, are you looking forward to scrimmaging against Coach Laimbeer?

Cheryl Ford: Yes I am!

Swin Cash: Everyone knows about your dad Karl Malone, but what role has your mom played in your life to this point?

Cheryl Ford: My mom has been a big role model for me. She's been there since I started playing and she's the one who got me to start playing in junior high.

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Angela (Los Angeles): Kara, are you happy with where you were selected and how big of an impact do you think you will make in your first season?

Kara Lawson: Yes. I think I can make an impact on the team with outside shooting and help their perimeter game.

Monica (Houston): What a great pickup for Detroit. Lawson is a great emotional leader and can score when needed. She reminds me of Kim Perrot in that way.

Kara Lawson: Kim Perrot won championships with Houston. I like the way she played with the emotion she brought.

Swin Cash: Do you know anything about Detroit?

Kara Lawson: I follow sports, so I know about the Pistons and the Red Wings, and the Tigers, but they're not doing so well this year.

meg: how much does kara lawson bench??

Kara Lawson: I don't bench press anymore because I hurt my back my freshman year.

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Swin Cash: What are your feelings about playing with Tamika Catchings?

Gwen Jackson: I'm excited. I grew up watching Tamika when I was a freshman, watching how hard she worked. And I've developed my game, and now I think I've learned and it's my turn to make something happen.

Brian (Rockwood): Congrat to the former UT players.. You all were awesome in College..I wish you the best in the WNBA...Thanks and Go Lady Vols!

Gwen Jackson: The fans in Tennessee are awesome. They're loud and committed. Whether you win or lose, they support you.

Steve, NY: Gwen, best of luck to you and your new team.

Gwen Jackson: I'm excited about going to Indiana. That's one of the places I really like and it's not too far from my family -- that's a big thing for me.

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Swin Cash: Explain your thoughts on being here today.

Aiysha Smith: It's just great having family support. My mom passed away, so the rest of my family is just great about being there for me.

Swin Cash: How do you think going to LSU prepared you for going to the next level?
Aiysha Smith: Coach Gunner, she's a real professional, she gets you mentally and physically prepared.

Brian(Baton Rouge): Alyisha..Seeing all of the SEC talent taken, does it make it a little easier to think about playing in the WNBA when you compete in the SEC?

Aiysha Smith: A little bit, seeing how everyone says the SEC is the toughest conference and I've been pretty successful there.

Sean (DC): Aiyisha, Congrats on being drafted. How do you style fits in with Chamique Holdclaw and Murriel Page play in Washington?

Aiysha Smith: They're great players. I'm excited to play with them, and Coach Stanley is a great coach and I think they have a motion offense like we had at LSU.

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Jeannette (Oakland): Tamika, as the daughter of an NBA player, do you have any advice for Cheryl Ford?

Tamika Catchings: My main thing is listen to what your dad has to say because he's been through it. But more than anything, just go out and have fun.

Mike (Fayetteville): Tamika, After coming off such a brilliant rookie season what are your main "team" goals and "personal" goals for the upcoming season?

Tamika Catchings: My main team goal is to make it back to the playoffs and to make it farther than we did. My individual goal is just to become a better player and I'm probably going to be moving to the wing so to become a better defensive player.

Lior, Israel: Hey Catch! I love your game, you're truly amazing. How did you like your time in Korea? Hope to see you in Israel someday ;)

Tamika Catchings: I had a great time playing in Korea, trying a new culture and new foods (but not really!). I just had fun with my new teammates.

Michelle (Florida): You got pretty banged up last year, how are you feeling coming into this season?

Tamika Catchings: I'm feeling great. I know I need to come in a lot stronger, but I've been hitting the weight room, so I'm ready.

Brian (L80vol): Tamika it is great to hear from you.. You are still the best.. What were the fever's needs and have they met them in the draft?

Tamika Catchings: One of the main things that we've looked for is post players and we did good yesterday -- we got Sylvia Crawley -- and today with Gwen Jackson, I think we've definitely got those positions covered.

nick(ohio): how did u feel when u were a rookie last year?

Tamika Catchings: I felt good. It was good to be able to go out there and compete with the best players in the world.

Rafael (Fairdealing KY): Tamika, Congrats on a great rookie season. Do you think you will be more of an impact player with one year of pro ball under your belt?

Tamika Catchings: I hope so. But more than anything I just hope that we get some more consistent players to help out.

Ellis(atlanta): Tamika, I really enjoy watching you play. Who would you say is one or two of you favorite players in the WNBA to watch?

Tamika Catchings: A couple of my favorite players to watch are Chamique Holdsclaw, Sheryl, Lisa, Dawn and T-Spoon.

Tamika Catchings: Oops. I forgot my girl Tina. More than anything, she's a great player and a great person, but on the court, she just has that drive about her.

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Florence (Minneapolis): Sheri! We are SO excited to have you with the Lynx here in Minneapolis. You are going to be such a valued component of what promises to be a real break-out year for the Lynx. Welcome, Welcome!

Sheri Sam: Florence, I'm excited about coming to Minnesota too. The opportunity to play with Katie and Tamika and Tamara Moore will be exciting.

Nadia (florida): Sheri are you going to miss playing in Miami?

Sheri Sam: I'm mostly going to miss the fans. I never got the opportunity to say thank you to all my fans in Miami.

Lior, Israel: Hey Sheri, how do you think it will work out for you guys in Minn with yourself, Katie Smith and Svet?

Sheri Sam: Hopefully, we will be able to get some wins. I think the most important thing is going out and playing hard every night and winning.

Sharon (Boston): Hi do you feel about your move to the Lynx?

Sheri Sam: I'm just happy to be able to play again. I don't know much about Minnesota but I'm looking forward to the opportunity.

Moderator: What do you think of new Lynx coach Suzie McConnell Serio?

Sheri Sam: I don't know much about Coach Serio, but I know she's competitive and very intense. Those are great qualities to have in a coach.

Heidi(Fredericksburg): Sheri, who is the most diffcult player to defend?

Sheri Sam: Funny you should ask because I was just joking that now that I'm with the Lynx I no longer have to guard Katie.

nana (ghana): Sheri i really like the way you play. what do you do during the off-season to keep in shape.

Sheri Sam: For one, I do a lot of weight lifting, running, plyometrics. And my favorite, lots of pick-up basketball.

Jeff (Washington DC) : Sheri, you will be a very big part for Minnesota this year I believe so... Who do you want to draft for your new team, Minnesota?

Sheri Sam: I'm sure everyone they bring in will be great. Thanks for your questions, and don't forget to cheer for the Lynx this summer.

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Dianne (NYC): Hey Sue, what advice do you have for the rookies coming in from the college level?

Sue Bird: Just to go in to training camp wanting to work hard and do whatever your coach asks of you. Off the court, try to find as many malls, restaurants and clothing stores as possible.

Marc (Hickory): Sue, What do the Storm need to do to get past the Sparks and Comets in the Western Conference playoffs? Do you think Coach Donovan's experience of getting to the Finals will help?

Sue Bird: We need to start this season where we left off last year. Towards the end of the year last year, we started playing like a playoff team and if we can start that way this year, I think we have a good shot to do some damage. And with the addition of Coach Donovan, this will be a lot easier.

Sheila (Boston): Sue, what do you think about the international flavor in your team?

Sue Bird: I've never had Korean food before, so hopefully we drafted a good cook as well. (Just kidding!) Both players we drafted will bring another dimension to our team and add to what we already have.

Shannon (cali): Hey sue, i am like your bigest fan! what are your pearsonal goals and team goals for this season? You're my hero, Sue! good luck this season

Sue Bird: My personal goals are pretty much the same as my team goals -- I just want to do whatever it is my team needs me to do in order for us to get back to the playoffs and hopefully go farther than the first round.

Sara: hey sue what have you done to prepare the upcoming wnba season?

Sue Bird: This year I played in the NWBL for the Springfield Spirit which helped my game. And on top of that, I worked on my individual skills as well.

Cherie(Eugene): Sue, after playing against her .. how does it fell to have Alisa Burras on your team?

Sue Bird: Burras is a tough competitor and I'm definitely glad that I don't have to play against her anymore. And I'm sure she'll help out with my assists.

Moderator: The Storm just selected Chrissy Floyd from Clemson. Sue, what do you think of the new addition to your team?

Sue Bird: She brings a lot to the table, coming out of the ACC, which is a conference with so many great guards.

Rebecca (NYC): Are things going to be different now without Portland as a local rival?

Sue Bird: Yeah, hopefully now their fans will make the drive up I-5 to come check out the Storm and see Alisa Burras.

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rodney, knox: hey pat how do you think kara and gwen will do in the wnba

Pat Summitt: I think they will both do well. They've played the toughest schedule in the country year in and year out at Tennessee and they've played in the toughest conference, the SEC. That's prepared them physically, emotionally and mentally for the next step. They're ready.

Shana (IL): I am a BIG Tennessee fan! I was wondering who are some players to look foward to next season! GO VOLS!!

Pat Summitt: Keep your eyes on Shyra Ely, Ashley Robinson, Loree Moore and Brittany Jackson. But I really like our sophomores-to-be in TY Fluker and Shanna Zolman. I think we have good depth. We just have to work hard in the offseason to be ready.

Jason (Blairsville): Coach Summitt, who do you think is more intense, you or Coach Laimbeer?

Pat Summitt: Let's just say we're both very intense and very competitive... He'll be more intense this summer. I'll be more intense next fall.

Lior, Israel: Pat, I was quite surprised to see you guys pick up Jenny Mowe in the dispersal draft. Why are u guys so high on her?

Pat Summitt: A priority for the Mystics was a strong physical low post player. After watching tape on Jenny Mowe, I was excited about her physical and aggressive low post play -- a big presence, which we missed a year ago.

Dena (Highland Park): Coach Summitt, Hello. Do you feel you changed your coaching in anyway now that you know you are preparing players for the pros?

Pat Summitt: Yes. I want to teach and prepare players for the next level. In doing so, we are working more on our offensive skills at all positions. This has benefitted, for example, a Gwen Jackson in today's draft and a Kara Lawson as a good 1-2 combo guard.

Kim: Pat will you ever become a coach in the wnba?

Pat Summitt: I would never say never. But at the present time, my passion is with the college game and working with college student-athletes. I think it's a place where you can have a great impact on the lives of young women outside of basketball. There's more to the game than just the game itself.

Pat Summitt: I appreciate the questions and your interest in the WNBA Draft. I'm excited to be a part of it and grateful for your interest.

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