Selected by the Detroit Shock with the number one pick in the Dispersal Draft on Thursday, April 24, Ruth Riley joined's Draft Day cybercast all the way from Spain for a live chat.

Here's what she had to say about her new team, goals for 2003 and offseason experiences.

Sternvogel (Lafayette, IN): Ruth, do you think Alicia Ratay has a chance to catch on as a free agent?

Ruth Riley: (3:39 PM ET ) She's an amazing shooter -- she led the NCAA my senior year. But I think she's finishing up her studies, so it'll be up to her what she decides to do after that.

Tig (NYC): Hey Ruth. Congrats on being the top pick in the dispersal draft. What do you think about going from Miami to Detroit?

Ruth Riley: (3:40 PM ET ) I am really happy with the way the draft turned out. The situation in Detroit will be a good one for me, and I'm looking forward to starting the season this year.

Rick (NYC): What do you think about joining Coach Laimbeer in Detroit? Will maybe you guys turn into the famous version of the "Bad Girls" with you playing the role of Laimbeer?!

Ruth Riley: (3:41 PM ET ) I'm excited to play for him. I've watched him play in the NBA, and I think his style of play will be mirrored in how he coaches. So I expect an aggressive, up-tempo style.

artie: ruth, what have you been up to in the offseason?

Ruth Riley: (3:42 PM ET ) I've been playing in Valencia, Spain and I've been here since October. We're just finishing up the playoffs now. It's been a good opportunity for me to get some game experience.

Jessica (Bay City): What are your goals as you join a new team? What are you looking forward to this season most? Good luck with the SHOCK! This team will be one to watch this summer!!! GO SHOCK!!!

Ruth Riley: (3:44 PM ET ) My goals are to one, have a healthy season. I think this season will be a turnaround for me. I want to be more aggressive offensively and defensively. I look forward to starting over with a new team and building the team up in Detroit.

Rob, Detroit : Who was your basketball role model as a kid?

Ruth Riley: (3:45 PM ET ) I didn't have exactly one. Growing up in Indiana you tend to be out playing more than inside watching. Larry Bird is one I tended to watch the most.

Kimart: I bet you're glad to have a team! How did playing in Spain help you for this season?

Ruth Riley: (3:46 PM ET ) After being injured at the beginning of the season and not having the year I wanted, it was good to come over here and be a significant part of the team and get game experience. It also gives me a better idea of how to play against the international players.

Jessica (Bay City): What do you think of going to Detroit and playing with Kara Lawson, Cheryl Ford, and Swin Cash? I'm looking so forward to Detroit's spectacular year! With these awesome players, a championship is likely to result! Good Luck and GO SHOCK!

Ruth Riley: (3:48 PM ET ) I think having two top five picks is going to be key for us in building our team this year. Anytime you have top-caliber college players -- even though it's a transition for them -- they'll be able to make an impact. I'm just looking forward to playing with them.

Jersey(PA): What advice would you give Chantelle Anderson about playing the post in the WNBA as opposed to college?

Ruth Riley: (3:49 PM ET ) I would say to be patient with herself. It takes a lot longer for a post player to develop than a guard, so just keep working hard and take the advice of some of the older veterans, because they've been around the block.

Catch's Nose: Hey Ruth, how do you think you'll fit in with the Shock?

Ruth Riley: (3:50 PM ET ) I think I'll fit in pretty well. I don't have a problem adjusting to different teams. I think that the team is young, so in that respect, I have a lot in common with most of the team.

Rob, Detroit: Do you think you and your new team can turn Detroit's record from losing to winning?

Ruth Riley: (3:52 PM ET ) I'm looking forward to turning the team around and being a part of that. Their record last year definitely doesn't reflect their ability as a team -- so I'm looking forward to playing with the rookies and with Swin's year of experience I think we'll make a big improvement.

Rob, Detroit: During your 4 year career at Notre Dame which game was your most memrable?

Ruth Riley: (3:53 PM ET ) It had to have been the National Championship game my senior year. It was an amazing way to end my career, playing with four other seniors who had been through a lot together. It was a perfect ending.

Ruth Riley: (3:54 PM ET ) Thanks to everyone for taking the time to write in and for all your support. I'm looking forward to the season in Detroit!