WNBA Heroes in the Community
Swin Cash, Detroit Shock

Not only is she a champion on the court, Detroit Shock forward Swin Cash is also a winner in the community.

Cash for Kids provides essential tools for kids to develop their skills inside and outside the classroom.
Allen Einstein/NBAE/Getty Images
In addition to helping lead the Detroit Shock to the 2006 WNBA Championship, Cash continues to assist the community through the Cash for Kids charity. Along with help from the Swin Cash Enterprise, which takes care of marketing for the foundation, Cash for Kids provides essential tools for kids in the Detroit area as well as in her hometown of McKeesport, Pennsylvania to develop their skills inside and outside the classroom.

"We donate to non-profit charitable organizations that focus on the kids and education, arts and crafts, sports and music," Cash said. "Basically we provide the resources for it. If the organization is cutting back and doesn't have the intruments to help the kids learn about music, we'll give them a grant to basically get those instruments to help the kids learn."

Coming from a humble beginning, Cash, who was selected second overall by the Detroit Shock in the 2002 Draft, not only gives back to the children but she gives back to young mothers in the community as well. Earlier this year, Swin and her mother partnered with the Detroit Shock to hold an event at an all-girl alternative high school where the young women bring their children to school while they continue their education.

"We renovated their gymnasium, nurseries and also the computer lab and library. We brought in new books and just a new enviroment for the kids, asafe and friendly enviroment for the mothers and the kids."

Cash's mother was a senior in high school when she gave birth to Swin in September of 1979.

"My mom had me her senior year of high school and she didn't have a school like this that helped her or gave her the essential tools to help her move forward and continue her education," Cash said. "She kind of was just lost when she graduated high school, she didn't have any other options. This school I felt that it wasn't looking down on teen mothers, but it was just helping them."

As one of the most well-known players in the WNBA, Cash believes that it is not only important for children to see athletes on television, but it is also important for players to interact with young fans in person.

"These sports give us a platform and a voice, and you can either use that as a positive for a negative. I think that a lot of athletes who start foundations and charities who want to give back to their community understand the importance of it and the importantance for these kids to not only be able to see us on TV but to be able to touch us and see the things that we do to help inspire other people."

Along with Swin, you can help. If you are interested in helping Swin Cash Enterprises and Cash for Kids assist the community, please visit swincash.com.