Seattle Storm

Left to right: Burke Barlow, Toyota Motor Sales, Judy Harrington, Jennifer Jensen, John Sloane, and Shane Sizemore, Toyota Motor Sales

Hero #1 - Jennifer Jensen

I want to nominate Jennifer Jensen for her hours of support to our community. She is on call 24 hours a day as a volunteer fire fighter and EMT, she is also the Volleyball coach at Easton School as well as the Head Cook. She gives up vacations and shopping trips and a lot of her life to be in town just incase the pager goes off For the fire department. She also works as a cook at Easton School and most of the students think of her as a counselor she is always there to help any of the kids with any problem. She is also my little sister and for the fact I am recently separated she has become the go to person in my life helping out with my kids whenever I need her, once again she gives up plans to help out just because that is the type of person she is. Jenny is a very dedicated to our community and a thoughtful person to all. She does all of this not expecting anything in return. A simple thank you just isn't enough. So I would love to see here get something she deserves.
Thank you
Jackie Tate

Nominated by: Jackie Tate

Jennifer Jensen –Easton, Washington

Hero #2 - Judy Huntington

Judith (Judy) A. Huntington, MN, RN, is the Executive Director of the Washington State Nurses Association, a position she assumed in January 1999 after nearly 10 years on the executive staff of the American Nurses Association (ANA). She is a graduate of the University of Washington where she received both her BSN and MN. She is also the Executive Director of the Washington State Nurses Foundation and Vice-President of the Washington Center for Nursing.

A veteran of association work as both an elected leader and staff, Judy served in a variety of leadership roles at the local, state and national levels of WSNA and ANA, including President of WSNA from 1979-1983, Interim Executive Director in1983-1984 and as ANA Second Vice President from 1985-1989.

Judy worked for 13 years as a staff nurse, head nurse and supervisor at Children's’ Regional Medical Center in Seattle and then, while in graduate school, as Assistant Director of Nursing and Nursing Supervisor for St. Cabrini Hospital where she later worked for 3 years as Director of Strategic Planning.

She served a three-year term on the Harborview Medical Center Board of Trustees in the mid-1980s before leaving Washington State in 1987 to become the Assistant Administrator for Patient Care Services at Good Samaritan Hospital, Corvallis, OR. In 1989, Judy moved to Washington, DC, to become Director of the ANA Division of Governmental Affairs where she was responsible for the development, strategic planning and implementation activities related to Nursing's Agenda for Health Care Reform, the nursing profession’s official platform during the 1992-1994 national debate on health care reform.

From 1993-1995, she directed the ANA Department of Field Services and the Center for Labor Relations and Workplace Advocacy. From 1995 until coming to WSNA in 1999, Judy was Director of the ANA Office of Strategic Planning, where she was responsible for overall association strategic planning, program development and development and direction of the ANA Web site (NursingWorld).

Over the years Judy has served as adjunct faculty at several universities, including the University of Washington, Oregon Health Sciences University; George Mason University-Center for Health Policy in Virginia, the University of Maryland and Kent State University in Ohio.

In December of 1998, Judy was awarded an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Kent State University for her work in health policy and advancing distance learning through electronic communications and development of the Online Journal of Issues in Nursing, an award-winning peer-reviewed nursing journal jointly sponsored by Kent State and the ANA.

Judy has been involved in numerous community and advocacy activities ranging from environmental health, health care reform, support for public health, breast cancer awareness, children’s health, immunization and disaster response and preparedness planning.

An avid basketball fan, Judy has been a season ticket holder since the inception of the WNBA and the Seattle Storm,

Nominated by: Amy Burdick

Judy Huntington – Seattle, Washington

Hero #3 - John Sloane

I would like to nominate my father as a local hero. For over 30 years he a Metro bus driver, and often formed wonderful caring relationships with the Seattleites that rode his bus regularly. I remember a blind passenger who we bumped into on a family outing who's face lit up when she heard his voice say hello. From his stories at the dinner table I can tell the jolly mood my father radiated on a daily basis was many times the best moment of a commuter's day. For many years I was too young or stubborn to see the true value in the giving nature of my father. Now, as an adult I am proud of the way he raised us and the people my brother, my sister, and myself have become. One of the greatest contributions to the community my father has given is the simple unconditional love and strong relationship he has with all three of his children. By creating a strong family, and as adults a great group of friends, his legacy has moved on to the next generation and all three of us will take this strength to our own families. Moving beyond the next generation, my father, now in retirement, continues to grow a strong family as he gets up at 6am every weekday, travels to my sisters house, and gets her kids ready for school so she can work an early shift that gives her time with her children after work. I can't begin to describe how much I admire this. For 30 years this man woke up at 5:30am to work hard at a job that often kept him away until after dinner. Now in retirement, he gets up almost at the same early hour to ensure my niece and nephew get to eat dinner with their mother. While his church and neighborhood activities may be seen by some as a great gift to the community, to me my dad is my hero because of how he chose to be a dad.

Nominated by: Amanda Sloane

John Sloane – Mill Creek, Washington