Indiana Fever

Left to right: Jay Arnold, Terry Ceasar Hudson, Jeff Daniels, Toyota Motor Sales representative, Georgia Jones, Cassandra Shelby, and Tim Nation

Hero #1 - Cassandra Shelby

Cassandra Shelby is no the typical employee of the Indy Parks Department. She is driven not just to offer the same oportunities as other leaders, but to bring them unique programs that will really make a difference in their lives. Her heart is with the kids, and she wants the best for them. She brings out the best in them as well with her encouragement to do more and be more. She has served as an organizer, planner, executor, mentor to youth and coach for the Catch The Stars Foundation, Tamika Catching's Foundation ever since its start. Cassandra has touched my life because she has shown me that while may not have the resources or money that others have there are other ways that you can give of yourself that can make a difference. As a mother of three children herself she has inspired me and shown me ways that even with even though I may have needs of my own, to put others first brings such great rewards.

Nominated by: Dan Gaines

Cassandra Shelby

Hero #2 - Tim Nation

Tim is a pioneer of philanthropy in Indianapolis. With his vision, passion and creativity he has created the Peace Learning Center. Peace Learning Center is a community educational institution that teaches peacebuilding and communication skill to youth and adults. Just like the rules of the road for driving, PLC establishes safe and common ways to deal with conflicts and differences. Three years ago PLC partnered with the Pacers Foundation to enhance the Help Increase the Peace program, an in-school program that educates children on conflict resolution, tolerance and diversity, peace making and peace keeping. Tim has a vision to expand is programs otuside of the Indianapolis area, through the entire state and someday the entire United States. The HIPP program is truly making a difference in the lives of Indianapolis children. 83% of teachers report witnessing their students using the skills taught and 71% see less fouls (blaming, bossing, whining, making excuses) committed by their students. Tim is constantly looking for new and innovative ways to make Indianapolis a more peaceful community and I beleive he is a hero becuase he is working 24 hours a day to make sure Indianapolis children grow up to respect, understand and appreciate each others differences.

Nominated by: Sarah Baird

Tim Nation

Hero #3 - Jay Arnold

I am nominating my husband for his outstanding leadership not only as a local Police Officer for the City of Greenwood, but 11 1/2 years of service in the Navy, Army and Airforce. At the age of 19 years old, Jay joined the Navy and was shipped out to Norfolk, Virginia and sailed the seas for 3 1/2 years, then he joined the Army National Guard in Indiana and finalized his military career in the Airforce where he was deployed to Iraq for months to fight for our Nation. He also protected us in South Dakota, where he sat in a 60 pit for days on end. Jay is an individual who would give the shirt off his back to anyone that needed any type of help. Greenwood Police Dept. has the honor of having this man protect the city from 10PM - 6AM every night. He is a man with PRIDE, INTEGRITY AND HONOR TO NOT ONLY FIGHT FOR HIS COUNTRY BUT PROTECT HUMAN BEINGS AS OURSELVES. I am not only honored to be his wife, but to have him as a Protector and a BEST FRIEND. Thank you for letting me have this opportunity to share with you such an amazing person. I hope you will have the opportunity to share what I have with him, also.

Nominated by: DAWN E. ARNOLD

Jay S. Arnold

Hero #4 - Georgia Jones

In 1993 Georgia was caring for her cancer-stricken father, supporting her three school age children, was abandoned by her husband and diagnosed with adenocarcenoma. Told by her oncologist that a normal person would survive, perhaps, 18 months, Georgia moved on with her life. She cared for her father until his death. She relocated and continues to care for her seriously disabled mother. She raised her children into fine human beings, all employed and productive members of society. her position as Vice President and Human Resources Manager at Gleaners Food Bank, she's nurtured, counseled and encouraged thousands of food bank volunteers, employees and community people to live life to the fullest, be the best they can, never quit and work to end hunger.

Nominated by: Pamela Altmeyer Alvey

Georgia Jones

Hero #5 - Terry Ceasar-Hudson

I would like to nominate Mrs. Teryy Ceasar-Hudson to become the recipient of the Toyota Heroes Moving Forward award. Terry is the Executive Director of the Indiana Children's Wish Fund and has been a part of this organization since its conception in 1984 and has worked diligently for almost twenty years. The Indiana Children's Wish Fund grants wishes of special Indiana children who have been diagnosed and suffer from a life-threatening illness who are between the ages of 3-18. This is a not-for-profit 501 C3 charity in Indianapolis, IN that grants nearly 1600 wishes to children that are ultimately referred to them via, hospitals, doctors, nurses, social workers and or family members and friends. Terry Ceasar-Hudson is the most generous women that I have ever met. She has a heart of gold, a smile that would light up the sky and a soothing spirit that radiates from her soul. Twenty years of her life has been dedicated to making the wishes of children and young adults come true. These children have become her "PASSION" in her life and she has and will continue to bring smiles upon the faces of those seriously ill children who unfortunately have many obstacles ahead of them. She takes motherly pride in all of these children and will do whatever it takes to make their dreams come true.

Nominated by: Vonda K Brooks

Terry Ceasar-Hudson