Comet Girl amazes fans at every Houston Comets home game with her high flying dunks and flips. She has been cheering alongside Haley for three years to root on the Comets to victory. On a trip to her home planet, Haley spotted Comet Girl displaying her superhero talents and instantly knew Comets fans would love Comet Girl and asked her to join the Houston Comets mascot team.

Comet Girl loves running around the arena to say hi to old friends and to make new ones. She enjoys entertaining fans and is always up for a new challenge by trying new dunks that the crowd dares her to do.

Comet Girl believes that every girl out there has the power to be a superhero and all they need is the positive strength and attitude to achieve that. With her signature salute after every performance, Comet Girl keeps Comets fans on their feet supporting their home team.

How to do the Comet Girl Salute:

Comet Girl stands in the middle of the court and salutes the crowd, then she scans the crowd with one hand and pulls back for a big HOOAH!