2005 WNBA Fan Forum Archive 1

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Watching the WNBA game on ESPN2 last night between the Storm and the Sun at the Mohegan Cebter brings back a lot of memories at Gund arena with our beloved Rockers. Although Betty Lennox only spent one season as a Rocker, she was apart of our team, who was dispersed to the Seatle Storm and went on to win the MVP honors last season. For all you Rockers fans out there, please use this medium to voice your opinion, so that the WNBA will see that there are fans here who would make the financial commitment to buy season tickets, because that is what it would take to run a profitable team. There is a article on the web on profitable status of WNBA teams. I still believe there will be another WNBA team in Cleveland in the next five years.
-EVADNEY, Cleveland, OH

Ruth Riley is the most underrated center in the WNBA. May I please remind everyone that it was Ruth who was finals MVP. When it comes to the fans Ruth is very generous with her time.
-DJ J*Shock, Auburn Hills, MI

Hey everybody i just wanted to say that basketball and the wnba are my life.I wish all the wnba players luck this season.And I hope that lisa leslie gets mvp once again.Congratulations! Temeka johnson for making it to the wnba!prove that short people can play just as well.once again I wish my two idols the best of luck!And also that they inspire me to keep going.
-Nat, Hialeah, FL

Does H. Bibby have a clue how to get L. Leslie and C. Holdsclaw to lead the LA Sparks? To have such a talented team unable to perform to their ability, is a reflection of the coach. Just look at the previous years' records of the LA Sparks!
-David, Buford, GA

Can we talk about how amazing the Monarchs have been playing. Outside of the WNBA.com power rankings, no one is giving them much love. I see them as a team to beat this year.
-Gerry E., Bantom, CA

Speaking for all the WNBA fans and fans of women's sports in general, we need a all women's sport network. Lets make noise so this can happen. We are tired of watching networks like ESPN waiting to see the highlights of our favorite players and gettin nothing, not even scores. Which network is going to step up and satisfy ALL fans? Holla back if you feel me.
-Corey, Holyoke, MA

Chamique Holdsclaw is all I need to say. The girl has big time game. MVP!MVP!MVP!
- Kerry, Macon, GA

I need to understand why there are hardly and WNBA games being broadcast. once a week and i get tired of seeing the same 3 teams play. how is the WNBA suppose to get a larger fan base when you cant watch the game. i am so disappointed i need to know who to complain to.
-Nicole, Indianapolis, IN

That's correct it's way to early because maybe Temeka Johnson earned it and is well equiped to except it. Rookie of the year should be held until the best player proves herself. Temeka is well on her way!
-Jamoya, Baton Rouge, LA

HeYYY!! I love the Connecticut Sun! My prayers were answered because I always wanted a WNBA team in Connecticut. They are going to win it all this year! Also, I love the whole WNBA! My favorite player is Ticha Penicheiro and my second favorite player is Nykesha Sales. I can write a whole list of amazing players but I don't want to write a whole page!!
-Ashley, West Haven, CT

This is the second WNBA season that Cleveland is without a team. Apart from the games on national, TV no one speaks about the wnba in the local news. For those fans ot there in WNBA cities, go to the games, enjoy; because this is a business. If there is no impact on the botton line it will not last. Investors wants a quick return. Gordon Gund stick it out for 7 years and kept us in the dark. I am still keeping the faith that Cleveland will be the first city that had its team disbanded/and get a new franchise.
-WINCOME, Cleveland, OH

The whole WNBA is extravagant. The teams are more competitive than I have ever seen since 1997 and the years before 2005.
-Shanea, Trenton, NJ

Since I graduated in "98" I knew right away that Narbonne Girls will always, produce professional prospects. It's 2005 the WNBA has two of the best players to touch a basketball (E.Hoffman & L.Moore) after watching them grow from High School, onto USC/Tennessee, now before a National audience, incredible! It's been 7 years since the last time I seen them on the floor at the same time, finally after a 6 month deployment (GWOT) I can return home and finally see at least one of them play against the L.A. Sparks, I can't wait to see you, "BIG DOG!"
-Michael, Long Beach, CA

I personally think that Kristin Haynie has been the most overlooked first round draft pick this season. She was a great deal of the reason that Michigan State made it as far as they did last season, and now I don't really feel like anyone is paying much attention to her. Kristin's an amazing athlete and its sad that so few people know her name.
-Sara, Houghton, MI

I agree about the Comets they are looking very good right now, and when Tina comes back after the all-star break, they are just going to get better. Every one seems to be playing with a lot of heart! Keep up the good work! GO COMETS!! THE TROPHY NEEDS TO BE BROUGHT HOME WITH THE OTHERS! LOVE YA LADIES!!!!!!!! KEEP PLAYING WITH THE ENERGY YOUV'E BEEN PLAYING WITH AND YOU CAN NOT LOSE!
-Nancy, Houston, TX

Hi all, my favorite teams are NY Liberty and Seattle Storm. Elena Baranova, you're the best! Sue Bird, i'll hope to see you again in Russia, you're the best, too;)
with love,
-Mary, Moscow, Russia

I thought that with the additions of rookies Kendra Wecker and Katie Feenstra, the Silver Stars just might be able to be a winning team. And my pick for ROY was obviously Kendra Wecker. however, with Kendra most likely out for the rest of the season, the Silver Stars are pretty much where they were last year, which is a bad sign. an 0-4 start is not what i thought would happen, or Coach Dan Hughes for that matter.
-Stephanie, San Antonio, TX

Is it too early to make Laurie Koehn Rookie of the Year? She may not have the draft pick to brag about, but she has been draining the threes like nobody's business. If she keeps it up and stays healthy, she could be the most successful signee ever!
-Rebecca, Shawnee, KS

Christ the King, Tennessee, Washington, and now the dominance continues in Los Angeles. There's no doubt in mind now that Chamique Holdsclaw is one of the top players to ever play the game.
-HB, cumberland city, TN

The game on Saturday was great. I enjoyed watching it. However, it is sad that I cannot see more WNBA's games. You'll don't show enough. Especially of the great teams; like the L.A. Spark, Detroit Shock and so on. What about some games on TNT, or ESPN 2. I believe if you have more than one network televising, you would have a larger auidence.
-Regina, Madison, TN

-ARLEE, Kneeland, CA

I feel very that two Chinese Miao Lijie and Sui Feidei have just joined WNBA!They are my adols!And for that I'll pay more attention to WNBA!
country: China
-Amy1988, Shantou, China

I cant begin to tell you how much this game means to me .i am a true WNBA lover and a patron of the new york liberty.the level of play here is outstanding and i can never wait until the season begins.thank you for the ongoing competitiveness.i went to teo games in LA and saw lisa play and they didnt have any giveaways and i was surprised at that but i hguess to each team is its own. I LOVE THE GAME, THANKS.
-Keshia, Linden, NJ

Hey! I think the Sacramento Monarchs will bing it home this year! They have the best passer in the league (Ticha) to go along with one of the strongest post players (Giffith) with sharp shooter kara lawson to hit those 3's! See ya'll in the finals!!
-Stevi, Long Beach, CA

My team, the Houston Comets, will be back on top. Sheryl Swoopes is back playing like her younger years, waiving players and getting new players makes a huge difference this year. I can't forget about the consummate warrior, Tina Thompson. If she looked as good as I was told after having a baby, she will be ready to play in July. GO COMETS!!! BRING IT BACK TO WHERE IT BELONGS!!!
-Cynthia, New Orleans, LA

The WNBA is getting bigger and stronger each year.Look out Phoenix, Holdsclaw is going to eat your lunch.....
-Barb, Jackson, TN

Hello, Liberty! I hope y'all have a wonderful season. With love from Quintin! ! !
-Quintin, Brooklyn, NY

We are so excited about the 2005 season. Have been WNBA fans since the beginning. Went to SanAntonio this past saturday to cheer on our favorite Houston Comets. GREAT GAME. Keep up the good work
-Mary, Gustine, TX

Whats up with the funky faux collars on the wnba uniforms... great ball players...but odd jerseys.
-Starbird Fan, Warren, IN

Sparks will get the job done this season man.Im excited about Chamique Holdsclaw and the effort she can provide for the team.Lisa Leslie will take control once again of this league and she's my MVP already for the season.If the pre season is anything to go by-LA is going to light it up!!!!
-Val, L.A., CA

i really like the new york liberty especially becky hammon! shes so great even though she had an knee injury... she recovered very fast... hope liberty will make it to the championship... go liberty!
-Cheska_25, Manila, Philippines

I am real excited about the 05 season and absolutely thrilled that Chamique Holdsclaw is in LA.Im hoping the sparks win this season.I absolutely am all for LA and with Lisa Leslie there i know they will at the end of the season be holding that trophy.
-Val, Lami, Fiji

Kendra Wecker - Ouch! Sorry about the injury so early in the season - get well soon! At least you can look forward to having Monique Curry as a teammate next season!
-Slovydal, Indianapolis, IN

I think i know Diana Taurasi will take Phoenix to the finals...WIN...and also win MVP!!!!! GO ARGYLLS.
-Jessica, Fairmount, IN

I can't get enough of the wnba. Sure I have favs like detroit and La.. but all the others are right there as well. I think lisa leslie is the bomb and little does anyone know. I'd be the sweaty towl guy for free for any team just so i could watch the games live. ha ha - Looking forward to another great season.. ty wnba stars
- Derek, Ney, OH

A. Beard for MVP. She has the game to make it happen.
-Corey, Holyoke, MA

Diana for MVP, Pheonix gonna bring back a championship, cause listen here: College, lost champ the first year, WON the next three ... hmm ... WHAT WHAT!!! YOU KNOW!!! GO Ladies, RePrEsEnTiN PhoMerc and the WNBA!!!
-Kris, Vermont

My favorite team is the Sacramento Monarchs. The draft did them good. And Nicole Powell, too. As a team, they can win it all.
-Bernard, Dolton, IL

I'm looking more forward to the WNBA Season since one the best Rutgers Players, Chelsea Newton, is playing for the Sacramento Monarchs. I really hope that they keep her on the team. No one has the heart and soul of Chelsea. She will definately be a fan favorite. She has such a spirit and love of the game and she's great to watch. So Sacramento fans, Enjoy Chelesa, you will, I promise.
-Theresa, Piscataway, N.J.

I love the WNBA!!! Every game is always so fun to watch. I very excited about new season and the All-Star game because it's in Connecticut, where I live!!!
-Ashley, West Haven, CT

As a video game player, I have been waiting since 1997 for there to be a WNBA video game (by ea sports and for playstation 2). It would be a great accomplishment for the WNBA and I know I would be one of the first to buy it. So whoever reads this who works for EA Sports or has the hook-ups, help us fans out with a WNBA video game that would be soooooo great.
-Hangtyme, Pasadena, CA

I have to agree with Staci...the Mercury are going to take it all this year! During the off season they beefed up there defense by adding Kamila Vodichkova from the Championship team Seattle Storm. Plus they got some strong players out of the draft. Last year they were a young team still learning. Now it's Diana Taurasi's 2nd year and she's ready to win!!
-Kim, Palm Bay, FL

I really hope the Indiana Fever win it all this year with Tamika Catchings, Tan White & Kelly Miller I think they can do it. I also think Tamika Catchings will win the MVP.
-Travis, Indianapolis, IN

The COMETS are baaaack! Welcome back, Janeth. The team looks great this year. We will start off without Tina but when she comes back that will only strengthen the team. I look forward to seeing them play! I just might have to make a trip out to Texas! GO COMETS!
-Sharon, Lawrence, MA

I am a UCONN fan and I love the Mercury!!! Last year it was because of DT but this year it's because of DT, AD, who played in Dallas this year for the Dallas Fury. And, A-ROB and Sandora Irvin. I can't wait for the BLOCK PARTY to begin!!!! The title this year is going to the MERC!!!
-Jana, Dallas, TX

MVP! MVP! MVP! I am an avid Houston Comments fan, but my choice for MVP this year is Chamique Holdsclaw of the new look Los Angeles Sparks. Back and refreshed, I expect Chamique to finally finish a season the way she has started them for the past two or three years - on top!
-Q, Huntsville, AL

Sheryl Swoopes will win MVP she is back healthy and better than ever you can never estimate sheryl she is one of the best if not the best player in the league plus I think she is gonna show everyone she is still the best at her position hands down.She's my favorite player. If I picked anyone else it would be tina thompson
-Lea, Macon, GA

MVP & Def. POY: Lisa Leslie, Most Improved: Chantelle Anderson, Rookie: Tan White, West Champs: Los Angeles Sparks, East Champs: Washington Mystics, WNBA Champs: Los Angeles Sparks.
1st Team All WNBA: Lisa Leslie, Delisha Milton-Jones, Chamique Holdsclaw, Diana Taurasi, Nikki Teasley
1st Team All Defense: Lisa Leslie, Delisha Milton-Jones, Tamika Catchings, Marie Ferdinand, Alana Beard
-DeAngelo, Tennessee

It ain't summertime without the W- so I'm exited the season is right around the corner! There is a great SI article by Richard Deitsch, titled 'Chamique Holdsclaw: the versatile Vol made it cool to watch women's hoops.' The title says it all- she is an original and she still the coolest... So thank-you Chamique for playing. I wish you much success.
-Monica, Washington DC

I have been waiting since the playoffs last year for this years season to start, I just hate that I can't see more than 21 games on the tube this year it seems like I get to see fewer and fewer each year, but the ones that I do get to see, believe me my life during the season is scheduled around the games.
-Cometsfan4lyfe, Conway, AR