2006 WNBA Fan Forum

What are you most looking forward to this season? Who do you think will win it all? What players do you enjoy watching? Got any crazy trade ideas? Click here to make your voice heard and share your ideas with fellow WNBA fans during the offseason.

I think the Mercury are going home with the title. Because they have Diana and Cappie. They both are really good ball players i love watching them play.I have been watchind Diana since she was in college. But the mercury i wish you guys the best of luck back here in Missouri we are rooting for you guys. Lets go!
- Greenbean, Bell City, MO

Dear Cappie Pondexter, you will make it to the top.
- Elaina Smith, Brooklyn Park, MN

Sam from Van Nuys mentioned that it would be nice for the All Star Game to be held on the West Coast. I submit that the East has had more than their share of All Star games (5 out of 6). On the other hand, consider the following: Houston-4 WNBA titles (no All-Star games hosted) LA 2 WNBA titles (no All-Star games hosted), Seattle -1 WNBA title (no All-Star games hosted) and Sacramento-1 WNBA title, (no All Star games hosted). Something is wrong with this picture, don't you think?
- Flavender, Houston, TX

How can we get more WNBA games televised? I love the WNBA and want to see more of the season!
- Jean, Boston, MA

I'm in the 9th grade and i'm playing freshmen girls basketball and i recently not too long ago got into basket ball i'm learning the basic skills and i really want to take basketball somewher further like maybe go to my all time favoeite university,USC!!!!! but the most important thing i admire is how LISA LESLIE plays ball. She is so talented and i wish one day i could get to meet her she is an awsome player and if people don't rate her as her not being one of the best coaches you're all wrong!!! LISA LESIE IS THE BOMB! no matter if she wins a game or looses! I will always admire LISA LESLIE. I JUST WANTED TO SAY YOU'RE THE BEST BALL PLAYER EVER!!!
- Hoopz, Riverside, CA

Quote from Connecticut Coach Mike Thibault on their win over the Seattle Storm. "Once we got the crowd out of the game we started calming down a bit." THIS is in part why every fan that ever attends a game MUST continue to cheer! Whether your team is buzzing past the opponent... or struggling to get a basket, fans DO MAKE A DIFFERENCE! C'mon Seattle fans and every other WNBA fan... let your team know that you are behind them 100% no matter!!! STRONG supporter and loud fan of the Seattle Storm!
- Seth, Seattle, WA

I feel bad that Becky Hammon did not play in the All-Star. I wish she was the All-Star since she has never been nominated. I hope her foot feels better for the rest of the season. I love watching her playing.
- Andrew, Columbus, OH

The Los Angeles Sparks are playing unbelieveable basketball right now. I really admire their athleticism. Then you have all the teams that are gunning for the top WNBA spot: Connecticut, Detroit, Sacramento. I think that LA needs another 8 game or more win streak to knock out the other teams for the top spot and secure their rightful place and everything will be fine. I'm very anxious about their 8 game road trip. It's kind of harsh if you look at it: their schedule is probably the toughest in the league considering they have to go to the top 4 Eastern Conference homes and play there. I'm hoping LA can go all the way! I LOVE LISA LESLIE!
- DJ, Panorama City, CA

I think Connecticut will finish #1 in the East and ultimately win the championship this year. Augustus and Poindexter are neck in neck for Rookie of the Year. It's so sad that some rookies aren't given the same opportunity to play as other rookies. Nikki Blue has not been given the opportunity to play for whatever reason. I wish she was traded. There are so many good players in the WNBA.
- Nellie, CA

It would be nice if you could expand the league a liitle bit! My wife is in love with basketball! Nothing could have ever been better then the WNBA! Hey, girls got game too!
- John, Austin, TX

Congratulations to Katie Douglas, she really is a MVP for the all stars and the whole league!
- Carl, Uncasville, CT

I must say that I was surprised that Seimone Augustus was not chosen to start in the all-star game. I believe that she has proven herself on the court in the WNBA that she is a leader and an awesome player. The best is yet to come from Seimone Augustus.
- D, Baton Rouge, LA

I didn't get the chance to watch the All Star game because I wasn't home but from the comments I read Im upset because LISA LESLIE and DIANA TAURASI didn't start. To me they are two of the BEST players. I give Seimone Agustus and Sophia Young(sic'em bears) their props because they are some of the best young players in the league. Congratualations WNBA on your 10 year anniversary. HOLLA!!!!!!!!!!!
- Spooh, Waco, TX

where's "BECKY HAMMON?" she should be on the decade team. SHE CARRIES THE LIBERTY so well. she is still my best player. sorry comets, I'm all for the Liberty. Ms. becky, take good care of your ankle for all of your fans. you ROCK!!! WE LOVE YOU BECKY HAMMON!!!>
- Lillette, Houston, TX

I think this a first in WNBA history that the four leading scorers in the league are not starting, I was very disapointed that Lisa was not starting, I think she should have started instead of "Yo" because Yo is struggling and her team is not playing great Monarchs basektball. Lisa however her sparks are at the top and her numbers have shot up. In the east i was surprised Katy Douglas and Alana Beard were not starting, Alana is the leading scorer out east (the only 20 point scorer also) so I think that is really unfair.
- Lil Nash, Bunnet, MT

Why wasn't Lisa Leslie chosen as an starting All-Star? The Los Angeles Sparks ar ethe best team in the league thanks to her, and she deserves to be starting. Also, I love Dawn Staley, but we all know that Diana Taurasi is should have been starting as well.
- Janki, Elko, NV

Why isn't Tina Thompson a starter??!! She definitely has carried the load since Swoopes been out...they both should be starters on the all-star team...not satisfied with them just being up there...but they need to be starters!!!
- TeeJ, Wilmington, NC

It is incredible that Lisa Leslie has again been snubbed by fans when voting for the "All Stars." Look at the stats on the WNBA page and you will see she is in the top four in points scored, rebounds, blocks, turnovers created, double-doubles, & efficiency rating. She is 16th in steals & 25th in assists. She is 10% better than the #2 player when you combine points, rebounds, & assists. And finally, she is the leader of the Los Angeles Sparks, the first place team in the WNBA!!! Look in the dictionary under "All Star" & find Lisa Leslie's picture.
- Rosie, Lancaster, CA

I'm excited to see Tamika once again make the list as well as everyone else.. however I was a bit Shock to see that there were three Sun players and no Shock or Washington players represented... Come on down.. Alana Beard is having an awesome year and so is Swin Cash, Deana Nolan, and Ruth Riley.. Wow.. no Teasley either.. and the biggest shock is no Lisa Leslie, no Diana Taurasi either.. This is the 10th annivesary everyone.I must say I am excited to be attending the All Star Game this year but would of been cool to see some of the veterans in there.. No offense toward Conneticut they are having a good season.. Ok enough complaints. after all WE the public voted... Congrats to all the ladies..
- Rene, New York, NY

I was pretty happy with the starting line up for the WNBA All-Star game. Although I am surprised that Lisa Leslie isn't starting. It's just weird cause she has been playing great this season. But I have no problem with Yolanda. I can't wait to watch.
- Kristen, Gainesville, FL

Dawn and Whalen are the biggest surprises. I'm happy to see Dawn on there. She is very popular with the fans it seems. Tina Thompson not being chosen is a surprise but Lauren is also very popular superstar. Leslie not being chosen when she is having a great season is a surprise also. Snubbed, Katie Douglas, Leslie, Taurasi, Taj. I appreciate the fans getting to use their voice in the selections. I hope for the coaches to smooth the edges and bring in deserving players that weren't voted in. Thanks.
- Coops, Houston, TX

I was really shocked by the All-Star line up. I love Swoopes but what about Snow she is doing better than ever and wasn't she on the team last year. Also, what about Leslie - wow she is always an all-star. There were some surprises!
- Sondra, Cedar Hill, TX

It would be nice to have the All Star game played on the West Coast for a change. What's up with that?
- Sam, Van Nuys, CA

I Love Love Love that Seattle had a huge win over the Sparks WITHOUT Lauren Jackson! This ought to give the 2004 Champs much confidence that they can take on any team in the league and offer up good defense and offense. Had Jackson been there... it could have possibly been a blowout! Yay for the bench for coming in and making a big difference in a game that snapped LA's winning streak! One very Happy Seattle Storm Fan!!!
- Seth, Seattle, WA

I very much agree with Kandy-from Corpus Christi. Kim Perrot was supposed to be considered for being selected as a player on the All Decade Team. She was the starting point guard for consecutive winning Championship Teams. Who was very much deserving of being defensive player of the year that second season of the WNBA - instead of Teresa Weatherspoon. A leader and clutch player - who, hit big shots, made key steals, and, was a very good free throw shooter. And what makes matters worse is, she wasn`t even considered as an honorable mention. Sad..... However, everyone associated with The Houston Comets knows better. At least Coop-To-The-Hoop,Sheryl, and T.T. is representing her - and, Dawn Staley, as a Comet and a point guard.
- Reggie, New York, NY

It's great to see Kelly Mazzante of the Charlotte Sting getting more playing time. She's proving that she is an outstanding player as well as a great competitor!
- Diane, State College, PA

I'm in shock that no one even bothered to vote Andrea Stinson as a member of the All Decade Team. I think the athletes should have been voted on by the owners and managers of the WNBA teams. There are a lot of people who have done great things for this league from the very beginning, and I feel like they were robbed. Just a heads up so in the next ten years athletes who were left off this list will be recognized on the next.
- Nicole, Garner, NC

All these players are amazing and are a joy to watch. I'm Australian so we aren't caught up in the American College b'ball thing but I think it is phenomenal that Bird, Cash & Taurasi are all leading their clubs now having all come from UConn. All credit to the people down there producing this calibre of player. Also as good as we all know Lauren Jackson is, I believe it is noteworthy how she continues to play dominating b'ball in 2006 under the duress of her leg injuries. Congrats to LJ!!
- Suse, Stanthorpe, Australia

I think the All-Decade team is great, however noticing that the former players and current players and the fans all have players that could be listed and should be. Should the All-Decade team be extended, I think so. I would have added Andrea Stinson, T.Weatherspoon, Vickie Johnson, C.Holdsaw, great players that should be given consideration among a lot of others.
- Chas, Nutley, NJ

Has the WNBA ever thought about making a video game? I mean since they have a video game for every other sport and the WNBA has the 4qt.thing now they really should have WNBA Live 07(Becky Hammon on the cover)but its just a thought. Holla back.
- Young Ko8e, Milwaukee, WI

T.CATCH-IT!!!!!!!(Tamika Catchings) should be the M.V.P., night in & night out she put up stats & does all the thing that dont show up in the stat book. her team depends on her for everything.
- superstar1day, Birmingham, AL

I'm in shock that no one even bothered to vote Andrea Stinson as a member of the All Decade Team. I think the athletes should have been voted on by the owners and managers of the WNBA teams. There are a lot of people who have done great things for this league from the very beginning, and I feel like they were robbed. Just a heads up so in the next 10 years athletes who were left off this list will be recognized on the next.
- Nicole, Garner, NC

I know that the team for the 10 year aniversary was made up of great players but there was one players name who I felt like was missing and that was Kim Perrot she was with the Comets long but what she did in that short time was awesome.
- Kandy, Corpus Christi, TX

I love the WNBA! But unfortunately here in the Philippines I just watch about 20 games a season... its sad... I really like New York because of Becky Hammon, Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird of Seattle, Tina Thompson and Sheryl Swoopes of Houston and Ticha Penicheiro of the Monarchs...! Good Luck to all of you... and stay out of injuries...! ;)
- Cheska, Manila, Philippines

I think Candice Dupree is a great player.She seemed to adjust well to Chicago Sky.Its to bad they have lost six games in a row. I think David Cowens has to have more confidence in Candice, she needs to touch the ball more.I think she can be there shooter if she got the ball more. Yes she is a rookie but that should not matter. You notice when she is in she is scoring and when she is out they seem to fall apart. She is a great player and i hope Chicago really works with her to make her even better.Good Luck Chicago Sky and work as a team.
- Ali, Lynn, MA

I love the WNBA! I started playing basketball when I was 14. But I have to say I didn't started getting interested in basketball until I saw Yolanda Griffith play in 2001. In the early years, I didn't know we had a Chicago team called the ''Condors''.But better late then never,right? Now I got to wnba.com everyday. Yolanda Griffith is my favorite player. I have to say when she came to Chicago on May 23, I was rooting for the Monarchs. Now we have alot of young wnba stars. Catchings, Seimone Augutus, Monique Currie, and Beard are just awesome players to watch. I love watching them play. Happy 10th Anniversary!
- Tiffany, Chicago, IL

I must say that i am slowly BUT surely falling in love with the WNBA! I play basketball and i never really realized how aggresive and competitive the WNBA is. I guess I play basketball, I should know that but I didn't even consider watching the WNBA; untill the SKY CAME TO CHICAGO! we got season tickets because i was so excited! i beeen to all of their home game, and watch other teams on TV now! a first I didn't care about the WNBA but now that I know about I don't know what to do with myself. The NBA stars have always been my idol; like Wade, Chandler, O'Neal, Parker, Wallace, Carter, Kidd, Duncan, Gordon, Bryant, Fisher, Payton, Walker....... well you get the point! Now i'm rooting for Candace Dupree, Lisa Leslie, Christi Thomas, Lovelace, Lennox... and much more! my suggestion..... spend the world, show how exciting, aggressive, competitive and motivating the WNBA really is!
- Paige, Chicago, IL

Congrats to everyone for making it back to play another year in the ever so growing WNBA!!! I love Seimone Augustus and her style of play...who doesnt? Monique Currie is also great. I just love T-Catch she is my all-time favorite and I hope to one day meet her and tell her what a great role model she is for younger ladies like myself. Nikki T in Washington i would have to say is one of the best PG's because she makes the game that much more exciting with her style of play. Alana Beard need I say more. But good luck with the season to everyone. SEIMONE AUGUSTUS 4 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!
-Shaluan, Dallas, TX

As a fan, I have traveled to Cleveland and Detroit and Indianapolis. I gotta tell you, the League is missing a HUGE MARKET by not having a team in Ohio. Cleveland was a great start but the better place for a team is centrally located in Columbus, Ohio...I think there is a huge fan base and the central location would allow more fans from all parts of the state to attend more games, more often.
-E, Mansfield, OH

I love the WNBA. C.HOLDSCLAW, S.SWOOPES C.COOPER and L.LESLIE the best of the best to me. What a joy to watch these ladies play. I enjoy all the games. Happy 10th.
-Tennessee, Caribou, ME

I think the fans should be able to pick anyone who played in the WNBA to be on the All-Decade team, not just the 30 listed on the ballot. I also think they need to cut the NBA season off a month shorter so that the playoffs and finals don't overshadow the beginning of the WNBA season. Oh yeah, nothing against foreign players, but with the limited space available in this league it would be nice if teams limited the over-seas players signed to one per team. Then more NCAA players would have a chance to play here in the USA.
-Sheri, Tucson, AZ

The Big 1-0 and still a baby! Happy 10th Anniversary! I love this game both sides although I love the WNBA more. To me, this league seems alot more fun and exciting! The players are amazing! I was there during the inaugural tip! Lobo, Leslie and the Comets! I just started watching again in '06 and it's even better with the teams and the players! Yes, I love Diana Tuarasi; she a next-gen star for the ages. She, Bird, Jackson, Whalen, even newcomers, Pondexter, Phillips (Erin) Tan White; the list goes on! Anyway, I like the new rules as it differs from the collegiate game. I would like to also see either the season extended to 42 games (21H/A) or the playoffs in a 5-5-5 format as I feel BOTH teams will then have an equal chance and it adds to the suspense with 'swing games'. It's in the finals, but I'd like to see that in all three back. It may or may not happen, but I thought I'd throw an idea out there. With the talent you have had in the past and now, the organization I hope will flourish alongside its brother. With that in mind: Happy 15, 20, and 25th anniversaries!
- DT Fan, Sanford, NC

I miss my UTAH STARZZ. I keep watching to see where the players are and hope they are doing well. Most of them aren't in the league anymore. I miss going to the games, it was such a fun experience. I'm glad there is the WNBA for girls to dream and achieve those dreams.
- Mary, St. George, UT

With no WNBA team in Ohio, wouldn't it make sense to put a team in columbus. after blue jackets hockey is over there is nothing going on at Nationwide Arena.
- Bill, Columbus, OH

Whats up with the Fever man!! i would like to see my girl Kasha play. If you are reading this then would you please let me see how KT is playing. I watched her improve in college and would like to watch her in the WNBA. Thanks for reading..and good luck this year!!
- Erica, Riverdale, GA

I really like the new changes to the WNBA. They have made the WNBA BETTER!, I have been watching more of the WNBA. I think there sould be a 41 game season, 20 WNBA teams split up into 4 division; Pacific, MidWest, Central, Atlantic. With a 5-5-5 playoff format.
-Kelvin, Conroe, TX

I am looking forward to see what teams will come out on top. There are some great rookies coming in this year plus we have a new expansion team, the Chicago Sky.
-Snowy, Bristol, CT

I am a huge fan of the WNBA. I am also a huge fan of Crystal Smith who is with Phoenix. I can't wait to see more of her on the court. Given a little time she will be an explosive player for Phoenix. So from all of us here at home, Crystal good luck and have fun.
-Kim, Bossier City, LA

Just wanted to wish former Temple player (who was coached by ONE GREAT POINT GUARD-DAWN STALEY)Candice Dupree the best of luck playing for the new expansion team, the Chicago Sky. I can see already that she's making a huge impact. It was great to see you play at Temple but I'm even more excited to see you in the WNBA for years to come. And Dawn...GREAT JOB...I'm a HUGE fan of yours and your Lady Owls ..Keep up the great work!!
-Coach Gee, Brooklyn, NY

I have been a fan since 1997. Big New York Liberty Fan. Especially Becky Hammon when she came to the WNBA in 1999. I think the changes will help the WNBA attract some more fans, because the game will be fast pace and fun.
-Gretchen, Grand Island, NE

Seimone, Seimone, Seimone, everybody loves Seimone. She is one of the people that I admire the most in my life. I love her like a second mother, and I look up to her like she's my big sister. I want to be just like Seimone when I grow up. Sucessful, on and off the court. I will continue to make the honor roll in school, and play hard on the court, just like Seimone. Seimone you are my American Idol. Randi#22
-Randi, Houma, LA

I must admit I haven't been a fan of the WNBA. I was never interested because I found the play to be very slow and not aggessive enough. Also I'm not that big of a basketball fan. That was until I saw the Connecticut Sun and Sacramento Monarchs play on May 9th. Erin Phillips has changed my view of the WNBA. She is an awesome player with so much energy on the court and very aggressive! I was instantly hooked. Erin has made me a fan of the WNBA and of the Connecticut Sun.
-Rissa, Albuquerque, NM

I have been a fan since day one I live outside of the Portland area and I was a season ticket holder when the Portland Fire was there. Now I am a Seatte Storm Fan. I love the new rules it is going to be good for the game. I would like to go to the game but it is out of my range. You go WNBA. I love the game.
-Desiree, Beaverton, OR

Why are so few WNBA games televised nationally??
-Sunnigranni, Northport, FL

The draft went off pretty well even though I believe that Chicago should have gotten the second pick and brought their favorite daughter back home. UIC would not know what to do with the capacity crowd that Cappie Pondexter would have brought. But I guess they will have to find out on August 1st when Phoenix comes to Chicago.
- Moe, Chicago, IL

Congrats WNBA on 10 years of success!!! I have been a huge fan since day one. I remember reading/hearing the negative feedback in '97. They said this league wouldn't last, that no one wanted so see a "bunch of girls" play. To those nay-sayers I'd like to give the All-American salute and ask them "how-you-like-me-now"? Not only are you providing affordable family entertainment but, most improtant, the players are providing strong/possitive role models for our future generations. It has been a pleasure to watch this league grow and I wish you continued success!!
- Kat, Carver, MA

I'm a big fan of the WNBA who would like to see a segment or where are they now about past players who have graced us over the years. I'm sure I'm not the only one who would like to read more about them .
-Marcia, Brooklyn, NY

seimone is #1 and she's gonna be the best player in the WNBA
-j dawg

Send Columbus Ohio a team! Best fans in the game.
-Mayo, West Carrolton, OH

I think alot of people will be surprised about Candice Dupree.She is such a great player, she is a very low key person and her hands say it all.She is a great person and i just want to say congradulations to her and also to her mom, my sister.Her mom did a great job on bringing her up and making her what she is today a wonderful young lady and ball player. GOOD LUCK CANDICE DUPREE!!! LOVE ALI.
-Ali, Lynn, MA

Mystics need a TALL power post player. shot blocking, rebounder over 6'4".
-bmoreref, Baltimore, MD

Seimone, Cappie, and Ivory are all great players. But what the WNBA really needs is Megan Duffy from Notre Dame. She is a consistant player with a great 3-point shot, lots of endurance(usually plays the whole game), and the leadership that drives her team to victory. She never gives up and is about the best decision maker I have ever seen! GO IRISH!
-Cait, South Bend, IN

I love the WNBA. My absolute favorite player of all time is Swin Cash. I even try to model my play after her. Swin, you're the best!
-Lil Swin, Auburn Hills, MI

Amber Jacobs Is the coolest player in the WNBA :)
-Jamie, Rogers, MN

LA Sparks what have you done?? Tamecka Dixon, Nikki Teasley traded off What is going on? This is suppose to be the year.. Now you have loaded up the guns in Houston and Washington with all the Outstanding Talent and left Lisa with all the New Young Blood maybe that is not a bad thing... Let's Hope Not..Ok its up to you Lisa and Chamique and Sparks Let your Lights SPARKLE for all to see.........
-Moshaspoon, Porterville, CA

I would like to say Good Luck 2 all da teams dis season.I dis season I want my team Los Angles Sparks to take it dis year. Also, I would like to say is I know my favorite basketball players are Alana Beard,DeLisha Milton,Tamika Catching,Swoopes,Nolan,Temecka Dixon,Lisa Leslie,Monique Currie,Mistie Williams,Nikki Teasley,Tamika Whitmore,Sue Bird,DeMaya Walker, Sales, Latoya Thomas,Cheryl Ford, Swin Cash, and Diana is goin 2 have a good season dis year. I would like to come see a game but I'm not able, so please be kind n feel me out n help me get to one of the games I will be so happy to see yall play in person.
-Lesa, Shelby, MS

Where is Ruthie Bolton?
-Jackie, Purvis, MS

What's going on with the Washington Mystics? It seems odd that Pat Summitt didn't re-sign as player development consultant and then the team trades away unquestionably the most exciting player we've had in Temeka Johnson! She was only the rookie of the year and the reason many folks went to the games because she brought a lot of energy and excitement to the team. Especially with Alana Beard recovering from a preseason ankle injury and not playing up to her normal level! Nikki Teasley is a good player, not taking anything away from her. Stats wise, we didn't really gain anything with the trade. Yes, we got a bigger player, yes, she's got playoff experience. Our true need is in the post. When C. Holdsclaw was traded, we lost the one dominant, low-post player we had. It showed in the teams stats throughout the season what her play meant. Granted, reluctantly, she needed a change of scenery so she was accommodated with a trade. But the team, unfortunately didn't improve as was hoped. So what will we do this season? Let's hope we will address our low-post needs with the first pick in the draft. We definitely need a big in the post like Duke's center. She set a tone early by blocking a few shots and making LSU players change their minds on others. I would be interested in reading other Mystic fans opinions. GO MYSTICS!!!
-Clyde, Washington

It's a shame that the WNBA did not recognize that Tamika Whitmore was voted MVP of the league she plays for in France. It seems that the WNBA is biased to a certain few individuals and forget about the players who play hard but hardly get in recognition for it. Sad.
-Niesha, Pearl City, HI

2006 WNBA Draft Feedback

I think the Lynx are going to have a tough time picking thier first rounder in the 2006 draft. I would pick Ivory Latta from the University of North Carolina. She is small but quick and is the next step in the evolution of the WNBA guard. She makes things happen.
-CurlGirl, McCleary, WA

One senior player that not many have heard of until recently, is pick Cyndi Valentin from Indiana University, Bloomington. She's a player with the complete package. She can score, rebound, and defend against tough competitors. A humble player that has held the Indiana team (17-13) together without any notoriety. Among many unexpected accomplishments by the media, she led her team to beat Purdue at Mackey arena. Something that hadn't been done since 1997. The Indiana team had a tough schedule this season and Cyndi not only scored in double digits, against many great teams (ie: Baylor, Notre Dame, Bowling Green, Michigan State, Ohio State, Louisville, Purdue, Minnesota, etc…), but she defended as well. She broke all sorts of national, conference, and school records. Even though her team didn't win the Big Ten Tourney, her valiant efforts got her team to the final four and honors on the all-tournament team. In addition, she has played at the international level for the last two summers, with the Puerto Rican National team and led her team in scoring.
-AA, Bloomington, IN

Well I think since simone agustus and cappie pondexter is coming to the WNBA they will be the ones that will be on everybody target, but watch out for monique currie because I think she will be the rookie of the year in the WNBA.
-Christopher, Rochester, NY

I think there are a lot of great players coming out of college this year and I would love to see Ann Strother go to Phoenix because she has been such a great complement to Diana Taurasi in the past. For her size, she is a tough guard to defend and she has shown this year that she can take the ball inside and score. The two of them together again would be fun for all us UCONN fans!
-Sue, Oakville, CT

With not having a first round draft pick the Shock are kinda the underdogs but we have the best starting five in Tweety,Ruth,Swin,Katie and Cheryl. It will be fun to see who we draft with the 17th pick. Who knows maybe Liz Shiemik will be avalible.
-DJ J*Shock, Auburn Hills, MI

I am amazed that I am not hearing more buzz about Tasha Williams from Louisiana Tech. This senior is amazing. She could be one of the top point guards in the country. She doesn't seem to be on any watch list. While Erin Grant is being talked about, one only has to go back and look at the head to head match ups between these two. Tasha Williams is going to be a HUGE pick up for some team.
-Gary, Bullard, TX

I agree all these players are great and unbelievably talented. they will go early in the draft. however, we may have a sleeper here in cookeville. remember the name Emily Christian. 5th leading scorer in the country. 6'2 center that shoots the 3 better than any center in the country. also very strong. could make a good late pick for some team.
-Jeff, Cookeville, TN

Regardless of a team's need this year, if the team picking first (in this case, the Lynx) does not select Seimone Augustus, it will be like the year Michael Jordan did not go first ... "DOH!" She is a once-in-a-lifetime player who should not be passed by for any reason, as she will continue to elevate her game, her team, the league, and women's basketball in general, and history will eventually reflect this to be true. Her skills, personality, work ethic and smile are extremely marketable. 'Mone is MONEY, and the Real Deal!
JT, Jackson, MS

I would love to see Cappie Pondexter come to new york due to the fact that Becky can not do it all by herself which she is now that New York to me made a great big mistake by letting go of Vickie Johnson and Crystal Robinson which were the last of the veterans on that team and all teams need Veteran Leadship.I am a great New york Likberty Fan but im a little worried of were we are going to go now with out those players.
Keshia, Linden, NJ

Seems that the league is overlooking a couple of great players. Latoya Mills of Stephen F.Austin is a really great player and I know she could really hang with the big dogs! :-) just my opinion.
#1 Fan, Houston, TX

I think that either LSU's Seimone Augustus and Rutgers' Cappie Pondexter will go one and two in this year's WNBA draft. Both are incredible shooters and both are on a team that plays well with them. I think that if any team is needing a good point guard who will take over they should go with Texas Tech's Erin Grant. She has played very well this year, even though the Lady Raiders haven't had a very good season. I believe Coach Sharp is very proud of her seniors this year, though, the way they have handled her resignation. Temple's Candice Dupree is a very good post player and I think she'll be a good pick in the draft also, along with Duke's Monique Currie and Baylor's Sophia Young.
-Becca, Paducah, TX

Seimone Agustus, hands down. There is no doubt in my mind that she will be the #1 draft pick. Also I would like to give big shout-outs to Nikki Teasley. I am your #1 fan Nikki. I love you in everything you do no matter what.
-Imani, Queens, NY

Seimone Augustus is going to be great. Go and get her Lynx.
-Joe, Eden Prairie, MN

I love Seimone Augustus. She has done so much for LSU Women's Basketball and for the State of Louisiana. Not only is she the most unselfish player you'll find, she is humble, wonderful to her fans and a role model for all the girls and women who admire her so. If the Lynx get Seimone all the fans there are in store for a treat and a winning season. I'll miss Seimone so much as will all LSU fans. She has given so much of herself to us and its been a wonderful ride for the Lady Tigers these last four years. I love you Seimone and you will forever be in my heart -- you guys are gonna get a doll so appreciate and love her as we do!!! ps - we still love and miss Temeka too.... Seimone, take care you precious, sleepy-eyed, adorable MVP of LSU!!!
-Sue, Metairie, LA

I think that Nikki Blue and Lisa Willis are to players to look out for. The both are great defensive players and knock the lights out shooters. Which ever team they go the definitley are going to have to be on the look out!
-Peter, Naperville, IL

I really think L.S.U.'s Seimone Augustus has the tools to be the real deal in the WNBA. I think she is one of the elite few, like Diana Taurasi and Sue Bird, who you knew would be a star in the league before ever getting there and can instantly change a team around. Look for her to do great things with the Lynx, with the USA Basketball team in 2008 and beyond.
-Bernard, Baton Rouge, LA

Wow, if the Phoenix Mercury could get Cappie Pondexter, the point guard at Rutgers, then WATCH OUT!
-Helona, New York, N.Y.

I'm a huge fan of the wnba my favorite team being connecticut sun mainly because of Margo Dydek...with her now comfortable in ct we are sure to win in 2006!
-Jaimie, Meriden, CT

After reading about what Teresa Weatherspoon, I am reminded about what a class act she always was with the Liberty. If she can't play anymore, I think the Liberty should give her a job like Jon Starks has with the Knicks - the outreach and fan interaction spot. She's be so great at that. Just my two cents.
-Sharon, N.Y.

Sheryl Swoopes, I am PROUD that you have the courage to "JUST BE" Keep up the good work. We Love You!
-Sandy, Mission, TX

I have a question. Who is Chamique Holdsclaw dating these days?
-Brasileno, Chicago, IL

I just wanted to get this off my chest. I'm an old guy (53) with a daughter who is a fanatic basketball player and fan, but has very little interest in the WNBA. I find it more interesting than she does and would like to see the league grow and prosper. She would rather watch the NBA and her idols are those stars.

I watch your advertizing campaigns with dismay. They smell of a political cause, that fans have some duty to watch based upon fairness or political correctness. The only exception seemed to be the Sue Byrd in the deli ad.

I'v also read many blogs and the fans do have some of that "duty to watch" air about them. The problem is that this kind of fan base is loyal but small and it will not be sufficient to make the league grow and profitable.

So I have two thoughts, which everyone is free to reject out of hand. First, How about losing the sense of duty and put out ads that make the game look like fun. The NBA was stuggling until the smile of Magic Johnson started showing everyone that the NBA was about competing but also about having fun doing it. The WNBA stars need to start looking happy about what they are doing. The same goes for their television appearances.

My main suggestion is to try to reach potential fans like my daughter. Now some history. My father saw Wilt Chamberlain become the career scoring leader in the NBA, when he broke the record at a regular season game in Charleston, WV. ( There is still a sign at that arena commemorating that.) In the old days, the NBA wanted to grow in popularity, so it didn't just sit in the big cities. It took the game to smaller cities to generate interest. The WNBA does not understand that lesson, puts it teams in large cities, plays its games in only large cities, and orders everyone else to get a loyalty. That will not work in the long run. Thw WNBA needs to emulate the early, struggling NBA.

My suggestion: Designate several smaller cites (100,000-250,000)for each team as a satellite home city and play two home games in each. Then take those markets seriously. Come in the day before and have the team hold clinis, sign autographs and make personel appearances. Local businesses could be solicited as sponsors to defray costs. Girls like my daughter, and the other players in the area, would become big fans of a team whose players they met and who taught them a new crossover move. The WNBA would get good attendance for the clinics, because the team would come when everyone is out of school, and for two games in cities where there are no other professional games played. The interest in the league would go from 0 to very high in those satellite cities. The skill level of the players, which can only really be appreciated in person, will increase. Fan loyalties would grow over time, and so would nationwide interest in the WNBA.

My daughter has one piece of WNBA gear: a D. Taurasi jersey, because after a UConn game, she signed my daughter's shirt. What little WNBA loyalty she has now is to Phoenix. There is a lesson in that.

-John, Charleston, W.V.

I am very dissapointed with the WNBA. I would have liked to attend the 2006 all star game, but as of yet the location is not Known. The NBC announced they game in 2007 will be in Las Vegas and I cannot even find out where the 2006 game will be. I have to turn in my vacation schedule at work this week so I guess I will not be able to attend the game if it is far from the East Coast. I do not know why the location has not been announced. The 2005 game at the Sun was just greatand fun to attend.
-Janice, Brooklyn

Hey Swoopes! i think you're the best player in the WNBA! thanks for being such a great rolemodel for all female athletes! you're the best! i've written you a letter i just don't know where to send it to, so if you or anyone else can let me know where to send it to that'd be great... thanks!
-Fish, Santa Cruz, NM

I was reading the players comments about our 10 years coming this season. This is a message to them. The only player that recognized why we still have a league was Lisa Leslie. ("Just watching the growth of our league - our fan support and their dedication to us") She respects the fans. Lisa knows the fan pays to watch a game; therefore a player gets paid to play that game. Thank you Lisa again.

I love the Houston Coments and I will love them even after Dallas gets a team, but I'm tired of driving over 300 miles one way to watch a weekend game. Are there any fellow WNBA team lovers such as myself who would like to see the league create a package deal with a local airline carrier that would coordinate the games and their flights so we can fly at a resonable price?
-Allie, Dallas, TX

Nothing but even more respect and admiration for you, Sheryl! You will be getting a standing O from me on your next visit to the Garden!
-Alison, Union, N.J.

I just want to say I LOVE Chamique Holdsclaw as a sister, so she would get MVP. I'M YOUR TRUE FRIEND AND SISTER!
-Jasmine, Muskegon, MI

I have enjoyed the WNBA for a long time. I guess I'm kind of looking foward to the new changes, but I like it the way it used to be. I think the changes will improve game play and i would like to see the players at a faster pace. Alana Beard and Diana Taursi... Im your biggest fans and good luck in 06.
-Chakeira, Italy

Deanna Nolan u r the best player in the WNBA now. Soon u r going to b the MVP of the league.Try and get Detroit another championship. Keep up the good work!!!
-Denise, Detroit, MI

Just wanted to say that I absolutely love the WNBA. I admire all the ladies who are in it and play their heart out. I plan on being there one day and hopefully having the pleasure to play with all you talented players. Keep up the good work!
-Lorraine, Elizabeth, N.J.

I would like to congratulate my former Redeemer-Seton high school b-ball teammate, Janell Burse. I knew you could do it!! I've been following your career ever since the Lynx and you're doing it big with the Storm. I'm currently looking for your b-ball card. I saw pictures of your house after Katrina. My house on Desire got almost 4ft. Now I'm in Ft. Worth, TX. Now I'll hopefully see you play against the Comets in this upcoming season.You'll always be my number one player.
Love, Kool-Aid
-Kenya, Fort Worth, TX

I would like to give thanks to DeMya Walker for being the loving person that she is. I would like to thank her mother and grandmother for teaching her how to be a women of charater, strength, and courage. Because of your continuous and positive support to my family, my child have been able to realize that she is capable of doing anything in the future that she desires. My child is no longer the shy, dependant or scared young lady she was three years ago. Thank you again and we love you!!!!!!!!!!!!
-B.T., Hyattsville, MD

Chelsea, I wish you the best of luck in the "Windy City". Once a Sacramento Monarch, always a Sacramento Monarch!
Brandon, Sacramento, CA

Along with the new rules for the 2006 season, I have a suggestion: stop listing the players' weight in their stats or on the programs. Everyone is curious how tall a player is, but it is none of anyone's business (expect the coach, the trainer, and the players' doctors) how much they weigh. These women are role models for teen-age girls. There is already enough pressure on girls to be thin (magazines, TV, movies). The WNBA should set a different example and emphasize more important qualities such as developing good work ethics, responsibility, and how to work together as a team.
-Frances, Waterford, CT


I have been a huge WNBA fan since the league began. I lived in Washington, DC area, so naturally I was a Washington Mystics fan - Welcome back, Stacey! When I moved to CT about 2 years, I adopted the Sun as my team - We'll miss you, Brooke! But, first and foremost, as a lesbian, I am a fan of Sheryl Swoopes. She has showed amazing courage and fortitude. Coming out is one of the hardest things I have ever done. To do that with a national audience, not just her family and friends listening, Sheryl has shown why she is so admired. Thank you, Sheryl. May your colleagues who are in the closet hoin you in the national spotlight soon.
-Rebecca, New Haven, CT

Hello :-) I'm a HUGE fan of WNBA, particularly Connecticut Sun. Just want to say, DON'T GIVE UP LADIES, 2006 is OUR championship year!!!
-Jaji, New Castle, DE

Hi !! I'm French , but i'm a very big fan of the New York Liberty , and Becky !!! :) But I'm sad because, in France, i don't find her jersey(becky)!!
Sorry for my bad english...Bye !!
-Elise, France

Brooke Wyckoff lit up the Sun Arena and we have no doubt she'll do the same in Chicago!! We'll be watching you Brooke, have fun, smile and shoot!!!
-Barb, Old Saybrook, CT

I really don't care what Swoopes does off court, as long as she continues to do what she does best, PLAY BASKETBALL. I will always be a Swoopes and Comet Fan.
-Mary, Comanche, TX

Omgosh!!!! i love u girls on the sparks!! one day i want to be playing on that excact team!!! i think u girls are great!!! i am your team's biggest fan!!!!
-Jessica, Summersville, WV

I just wnt to give Sheryl Swoopes her props for admitting who she is. That was a major step for her. Sheryl I just want you to know that you are and always will be my favorite female athlete. You are a great player I really enjoy watching you play. I hope I will hve the oppourtunity to meet you in person. I love your style of basketball. To me you are the top player in the league. Keep doing what you do!!! SWOOPES THERE IT IS!!!!!
-Hooper, Natchez, MS

It's sad to see Zara go to Chicago. After losing the best back-up PG last year(Tully),I think, we can recover from it again. Tanisha Wright was a good back-up as well. I think she'll be even better when the season starts next summer. The Sky is going to be a great team and I can't wait until their whole team is put together.
-KT, Seattle, WA

Sheryl - I have been a True Fan of yours for years. I DO NOT FEEL any different about you. Keep your Head UP! I will see you in person when you come to Sacramento in 2006. Love Ya!
-Pittsburg, CA

What a wonderful and exciting year we've had in the wnba. we get a new team, the monarchs win for the first time, and the love and respect for the wnba is steadily increasing. it's great. i want to give a shout out to every single wnba player (past and present) you rock! and much love to all the fans who continue in their support of the wnba. you rock too! can't wait 'til next season.
-Meme, waco, TX

Sheryl Swoopes, I want you to know I am still one of your biggest fans. I am glad that you were honest and #1 you are now really happy with who you are. I wish you and Alisa and even lil jordan the best!!!!!!!!!
tiffine tip, folkston, GA

Congratulations to Stacey Dales-Schuman for returning to the WNBA. We're glad to have you back, girl! Hope you stay for many years.
-Belinda, Bethesda, MD

I think the Chicago Sky did a great job picking their team from what was available to them. Newton is a steal, Powell will be very good and Stacey was a shocker. I think this team made a great start and I cannot wait to see them next season.
-Lenora, Highland Park, IL

Watching these early college games so far this women's hoops season, I cannot wait for some of them to play nithe WNBA against the best players in the world. Siemone Augustus and Monique Curry should go 1-2 in this Draft, which will be as good as the Taurasi-Beard Draft. Many All-Stars to be had.
-Bonita, Sebol, AL

I applaud Sheryl Swoopes courage, honesty, and pride! Coming out is certainly not an easy or comfortable thing to do; the alternative, however, is unbearable in the long run. when in the closet, those we love are disrespected (even one's self); the false sense of safety & protection is revealed when one is "outed" or when one recognizes the closet as a psychological prison. I predict that you will have many many more fans BECAUSE you exhibited your ethics, courage, even heroism by coming out; I know because I have just become one of them! Congratulations on your newly accepted Freedom. Now, tell your sistah-ball-players to follow suit...
Leslye, Cleveland, OH

Regarding the Expansion Draft, I think Fran Zara will be missed in Seattle. Sue Bird plays hard but needs a spell at times. Now who will they turn to? But in Chicago, she will prove that she can play with more minutes. I think she could end up winning the starting role from Elaine Powell. And Jia Perkins is going to be a player in this league, mark my words.
-Bernie, Salloon, TX

Thanks Sheryl. Thanks for coming out. Thanks for illustrating once again that sexuality is complex, develops over time and is about who you love and not what your love is. Thanks for speaking out as a black woman, as a mom, and as a career person who values family, work and an open life over lies and hiding. Thanks for making it easier for those of us still struggling with those issues.
Andrea, Medford, MA

I think Griffith and Penicherio and Lawson are the best on sacremento but Powell is getting there. Ibet Ill be in the WNBA by the time I'm 19. Remember my name.
Deanna, Fresno, CA


I'm a huge fan of women's basketball and I want to commend Sheryl Swoopes for her honesty. I admire truthfulness even more than rebounds. She didn't need to come out but chose to, and honest choices are always admirable. I know that if I had a daughter I'd want her to have the courage that Sheryl shows. Thanks for all the fun I've had watching the games.
Lauren, Baltimore, MD

Just wanted to send out a "holla" to Sheryl for having the courage to come out. I, for one, have even more respect for you and will encourage all the young people I come in contact with to use you as an ideal role model. *big hug*
-Diana, Chester, VA

Brooke Wyckoff will be a huge loss for my Connecticut Sun. She was integral to the Sun being the best team in the league this season and I wish she didn't have to go. But this loss is just proof that the WNBA is deep and strong as it grows. Good luck in Chicago, Brookie Cookie.
-Sandra, Waterbury, CT

I think it's really cowardly of the WNBA to completely ignore the Sheryl Swoopes coming out story. Anyone who's awake knows there are lesbians in the WNBA. Here's your chance to be different, take a positive stance. Remember, like the athletes, the WNBA has an obligation to all those young girls watching.
Lynett, Austin, TX

How could the Monarchs not protect Chelsea Newton? It's nuts. She was a surprise star in Sac-town, but everyone will know her name in Chi-town.
Bo, Northridge, CA

Go Swoopes! Being a Liberty fan, I'm usually grudgingly admiring Sheryl, but in this case WAY TO GO. I greatly admire her courage and honesty. Go Swoopes!
Linda, Albany, NY

What a great first year for Donna Orender. While I do not know her personally, she came in and totally got the WNBA buzzing while still learning on the job. I can only imagine how much this league will grow once Orender gets settled and whips everyone into shape. Way to go, Donna! Queens College represent!
Heather, Hewlett, NY

I wanted to give props to Sheryl Swoopes and the WNBA for being an institutional leader in breaking down barriers to hate and prejudice. I realize Sheryl is only living her life and didn't ask to play such a large role in a controversial issue, but I hope she continues to show that this should be a non-issue.
Amateur, KS

Hey I just wanna say that I LOVE THE WNBA! and I am so happy that there is an organization that allows female players! I personally hope to be apart of the wnba someday! thank you!!!
Chloe, Rogers, MN

Rosa Parks said, "I shouldn't have to stand."
Ronald Reagan said, "Tear down this wall."
Sheryl Swoopes said, "THIS is who I am."
Her legacy is just beginning...
Support Our Swoopes!
Slovydal, Indianapolis, IN

Fan feedback from the season