Fans Speak Out in the 2005 WNBA Draft Fan Forum

With the NCAA Tournament underway and the Draft just weeks away, the WNBA Draft Fan Forum is shaping up to be a free for all, with no one certain just who will be the top overall pick in this year's draft. There's only one way to find out, but until then, keep letting us know what you think.

Here are some of the comments fans have been saying in the Fan Forum:

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The Fever need to trade the #2 pick to San Antonio for Shannon Johnson...and next season, hire Dawn Staley as Head Coach.
-Michael (Indianapolis, IN)

I think my team, the Mystics, need a frontcourt player, but if I were the GM, Iwould pick Monique Currie out of Duke to help out the backcourt. Put Monique at the point and Alana Bear at the two-guard.
-Tripp (Brockton, MA)

The Sparks need a relaible backup for Smooth. Our 2004 draft pick C. Thomas was great her rookie year and fans loved her. I'm looking forward to seeing what she has added to her game this off season and we need a coach. Like Houston we need some consistent talent coming in the game off the bench. Our starters are great our problem is our bench. My top five selections: McCarville, Irvin, Ely, Moore, Battle.
-Dee (Inglewood, CA)

The Shock need a 3point shooting combo guard who can stretch the defense. If Chandi Jones cant improve this season Detroit needs a backup plan like Dionnah Jackson or Kristen Haynie.
-Andrew (Detroit, MI)

Temeka Johnson

I think Houston needs a consistent point guard like Temeka Johnson or Loree Moore and keep players healthy. I think Indiana needs a wing player like Jacqueline Battest or Shyra Ely and a combo guard like Tan White or Tanisha Wright. I think Sacramento needs better guard play off the bench and in the starting position. I think Washington needs better depth and to keep players healthy.
-Ashley (Buffalo, N.Y.)

As a Mystics fan I would say that the list is too long!!!!
-Marlene (Hampton, VA)

The Lynx need to figure out a way to keep Janel McCarville in Minnesota. Nicole Ohlde is a great player, but levels of attendance and excitement at games would increase dramatically were the team able to make some trades to retain Janel. And Janel would be happier, because she would stay close geographically to her family, especially her mother--who is fighting cancer.
-Julie (Minneapolis, MN)

My team is the Houston Comets! We have a great team but we are missing one thing, a true point guard. My first and only pick for this position is Temeka Johnson. She is an awesome player. She should be a high draft pick. I hope she will still be available when the Comets pick at #5.
-Markerra (Lafayette, LA)

The Sting need a power forward who can guard Lauren Jackson and Ford of Detroit and provide some rebounding and scoring punch inside. Maybe Tillis of Duke could have done that if we would have gotten her in last year's draft instead of Powell, maybe not. Janell McCarville looks good this year to fill the bill for Charlotte.
-Curt (Gastonia, N.C.)

Tan White
I Think The Comets Should go after Tan White. She is very quick and can score like crazy we need some one along with Janeth And Snow to contribute on offense and take pressure off of Tina and Sheryl.
-Tristan (Tiplersville, MS)

I think that Milena Tomova deserves to be selection in the Draft this year. She is a quality basketball player at FIU in Miami. Thank you.
Mitko (Sofia, Bulgaria)

I would love for the Liberty to get Liberty center Katie Feenstra. Isn't that fate?
-Jeanne (Armonk, N.Y.)

What do you think? Submit your thoughts and they could be posted on over the next few weeks.