Volleyball? Hurdles? Boxing? If they had the chance, what other sports would the U.S. women be participating in? WNBA.com caught up to some of the players here in Greece. Here's what they had to say about non-basketball Olympic dreams.

If you weren't playing basketball here in Athens, what sport would you want to be participating in?

Sue Bird:
"I think I'd want to compete in soccer. I think that'd be fun. Soccer's a sport that I really enjoy watching and I loved to play when I was little. I don't know if I'd be good enough, but I would definitely like to give it a whirl."

Swin Cash:
"The 100 hurdles, track and field. I ran it in high school and also when I was younger, that was probably my best event, and I would love to go up against Gail Devers. She was the ultimate when I was younger."

Tamika Catchings:
"I would have to say volleyball, because that's what I played in high school. If I was good enough, I'd play for the volleyball team."

Shannon Johnson:
"There's a lot of sports I would like to play, but naturally I think I would play volleyball, because it's my first love. I actually began playing sports with volleyball. I was pretty good in high school; I was all-state. On the joking side, I could possibly be one of those divers, who do all those flips in the air. I could've been pretty good at that too."

Ruth Riley:
"Beach volleyball. That's the only other sport I've ever played."

Katie Smith:
"Maybe volleyball. I like volleyball. Ping-Pong's not my sport, my dad beat me last night, so I'm not very good at that."

Dawn Staley:
"Boxing. (Laughs.) I never boxed growing up, but I have an aggressive personality when I'm competing, so that's probably the best way I could display it."