The Mercury Guard Answers Questions About the All-Star Experience
All-Star Q&A: Phoenix’s Diana Taurasi

Phoenix Mercury guard Diana Taurasi represented the Western Conference as a member of the 2005 and 2006 All-Star Teams and she was voted back in as a starter for this year's game on July 15 in Washington, D.C. She is 1-1 so far at All-Star, but the final score is not what drives Taurasi. Taurasi checked in with's Lauren Brill to answer questions about what truly makes All-Star weekend great.

Q: What is your favorite event at All-Star?
Taurasi: "Jam session. I love it because we get to spend a lot of time playing and being with kids."

Q: What's your best All-Star memory?
Taurasi: "In 2005, it was a great feeling to be back in Connecticut. The Mohegan Sun is so special because you stay there and all the fans are there. It was a great atmosphere."

Q: What do you think All-Star says about you as a player and your current season?
Taurasi: "All-Star really is about the fans and about them enjoying the game. For them to vote me on alongside the other great players in this league means a lot. It is always a treat to go out there and play with them."

Q: Do you think fans accurately vote for the best players?
Taurasi: "For the most part, other than Lisa Leslie not being voted on as a starter (2006), I think they do a pretty good job. It is hard because you have different fans that love different players. They do the best they can."

Q: Do you think fan-player interaction is unique at the WNBA All-Star?
Taurasi: "Definitely! That is the trademark of the league. Whether it is an All-Star Game, regular season game or preseason game, we do a good job of interacting with the fans at all times."

Q: Do you think the play is more or less intense than a regular season game?
Taurasi: "For me, the All-Star game has always been fun. I don't know how other players look at it. It is also a little break in the season where you can regenerate. I go out there, have a good time and whatever happens, happens."

Q: In your opinion, what player gave the best All-Star performance that you have witnessed?
Taurasi: "I have to say Sheryl Swoopes in Connecticut (2005) had a heck of a game. She got MVP and was everywhere on the court."

Q: Do you develop friendships with other All-Stars?
Taurasi: "Definitely. Most of these players have known each other for such a long time. Many played on the national team together or going back, played together in college or AAU basketball. There is a lot of history between many of the players that go to All-Star."

Q: If you had to guess who was going to be the MVP of this year's All-Star game, who would you choose?
Taurasi: "I am going to go with Katie Douglas".

Q: How do you feel about getting voted in this year?
Taurasi: "It is a great honor. It is about the fans and when they vote you on, it is a little bit sweeter."

"Whether it is an All-Star Game, regular season game or preseason game, we do a good job of interacting with the fans at all times," Taurasi explains.
By Nathaniel Butler/NBAE/Getty Images