Cappie Pondexter's All-Star Memories
Q&A: Phoenix Mercury�s Cappie Pondexter

In her 2006 rookie season, Phoenix Mercury guard Cappie Pondexter was chosen to represent the Western Conference as a reserve on the Western Conference All-Star team. In her second season, she has not disappointed and will be back as reserve for the West again in 2007. While she was chosen to attend All-Star because of her play on the court, she believes it is the interactions off the court that truly make All-Star Weekend special. Pondexter discussed her opinions and memories of the WNBA All-Star experience with's Lauren Brill.

Q: What does being an All-Star mean to you?
Pondexter: "It's a great honor to be considered one of the top WNBA players. You get to play with a lot of other great players, have fun and relax."

Q: What is your favorite event at All-Star?
Pondexter: "My favorite event has to be the open practice event with the Western Conference."

Q: What is your best All-Star memory?
Pondexter: "My best memory has to be when we were able to go to 'Read to Achieve.' They just opened a new center at the shelter."

Q: What do you think All-Star says about you as a player and your current season?
Pondexter: "That all your hard work from the season is paying off and that people enjoy watching you play."

Q: Do you think fans accurately vote for the best players?
Pondexter: "I think for the most part. Of course there is going to be a little bias. That is what it is about. Fans get to interact with players and that is what makes it worthwhile."

Q: Was there any about All-Star weekend that surprised you?
"It is an honor and prestige, something to put on your resume but more than that build friendships, give back, and have fun and relax," Pondexter says about All-Star.
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Pondexter: "I was surprised that it was so much hard work. You are doing a lot of things off the court to help the community and I didn't realize how much it was. It is a lot of hard work. All-Star weekend is not really about playing, it is about interaction."

Q: Does All-Star weekend help clear your head from the regular season?
Pondexter: "Definitely, it's like a fresh start. Everything from the first half is over with and the second half becomes more intense and everybody is much more focused."

Q: Do other leagues you play in have something similar to an All-Star weekend?
Pondexter: "I played in the Euroleague All-Star game. It is very similar, but I think the WNBA All-Star is better."

Q: If you had to guess who was going to be MVP of this year's All-Star game, who would you choose?
Pondexter: "Becky Hammon."

Q: How does All-Star benefit you as a player?
Pondexter: "It is an honor and prestige as well as something to put on your resume. But more than that it allows you to build friendships, give back, have fun and relax."

"My best All-Star memory has to be when we were able to go to 'Read to Achieve,'" Cappie explains.
By Jesse D. Garrabrant/NBAE/Getty Images