For the All-Stars and for all of the fans and media traveling to New York City this week, there can be a lot to see and do. But in a short period of time, we figured we'd ask the experts... the players who come to New York on a regular basis. All-Stars, former All-Stars and future All-Stars weigh in with restaurants suggestions, places to visit and sites you must see.

Tamika Catchings, Indiana Fever
"Times Square is the mecca. A must-see. My favorite place to eat in New York is B-B-Q's right near Times Square. I eat there every time I go. I'd like to go see The Color Purple on Broadway at some point, and of course you go shopping, go to Nike Town, and hanging out with friends, people you have met over the years when you get the opportunity."

Becky Hammon, New York Liberty
"Well obviously I love Broadway, going to see some plays, going out to dinner. Hanging out, there are so many places to eat, the restaurants are unbelievable. New York it pretty amazing. Sometimes you have to stop and pinch yourself because I've been here eight years and they took to me since day one. We have great fans. It's been a little love affair. I consider myself an adopted New Yorker. I spend most of my time in New York for much of the year."

Sue Bird, Seattle Storm
"I spend a lot of my offseason time in New York since I grew up there and have so many great friends still living in the city. There are so many great restaurants, like Mister Chow, Rosa Mexicana, Sushi Sen Nin is right near MSG as is Carl's cheesesteaks place, on 34th and 3rd Avenue."

Lindsay Whalen, Connecticut Sun
"There are so many good restaurants. The Coffee Shop in Union Square, that place is pretty cool, I had pretty good food there."

Ruth Riley, Detroit Shock
"We usually visit there on a back-to-back so we don't get a lot of time in New York, but I went with Swin (Cash) in January, we hit a couple spots, some cool restaurants, I would love to go back and see a play and do some of the "New York" things I guess you could say, but there's so much to offer, so it's really what you want for the night and you can pretty much find the best option out there. I love wandering around Times Square. I like to people watch. I like H&M for shopping. As for eating, we like to go to Chevy's. I enjoy that atmosphere and there are some fun places to go out at night around there, like in the W Hotel."

Coco Miller, Washington Mystics
" I like to go to Times Square, just hang out there, get some good pizza, stuff like that."

Kristin Haynie, Sacramento Monarchs
"I've only been to New York a few times, when we played the Liberty last and this season, so I don't know much. But I sure like Niketown. I could go there everyday and never get bored, though I haven't gotten any discounts there yet."

Teresa Weatherspoon, New York legend
"I'm really not an out person, I do my job and I get in, it sometimes becomes difficult to be out a lot, but there's so many places that people can go and enjoy themselves and this will be the third All-Star game there so if anybody is chosen for the third time to go there they're going to know where to go, because everyone had an awesome time in New York City. Not to say that the other places weren't great, because we had an awesome time there, but its something special about New York City, the atmosphere of playing in the Garden, the history of the Garden, it's just something wonderful about it, and the fans, you know you are not going to have any fans there who are not real, New Yorkers are real, they let you know exactly how they feel, and they're going to have a lot of places to go, just hit 5th Avenue and you'll be fine."

Back in 2004, shared some of the key attractions in New York City prior to The Game at Radio City.