You had the chance to vote. Now let us know who you voted for and why you think they deserve to be on the 2006 WNBA All-Star Team!
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    I am really surprised that the fans did not vote in Lisa Leslie,Diana Taurasi, and Katie Douglas. They all are having great years. I'm a Sun Fan, but I dont think Nekeysha Sales deserves to be there.Very surprised at the outcome, especially in the West.
    -Judy, Waterford, CT

    It saddens me to see that the greatest center and one of the best players in the WNBA, Lisa Leslie was not selected. No matter what--she is the best!
    -Cindy, Yellow Springs, OH

    I think this a first in WNBA history that the 4 leading scorers in the league are not starting, I was very disapointed that Lisa was not starting, I think she should of started instead of "Yo" because Yo is struggling and her team is not playing great monarchs basektball. Lisa however her sparks are at the top and her numbers have shot up. In the east i was surprised Katie Douglas and Alana Beard were not starting, Alana is the leading scorer out east (the only 20 point scorer also) so I think that is really unfair.
    -Lil Nash, Bunnet, MT

    Why wasn't Lisa Leslie chosen as an starting All-Star? The Los Angeles Sparks ar ethe best team in the league thanks to her, and she deserves to be starting. Also, I love Dawn Staley, but we all know that Diana Taurasi is should have been starting as well.
    Janki, Elko,NV

    I think that Diana Tarausi is one of the greatest players and Iam suprise and appalled that she didn't get a starting postion.
    Taurasi Fan, Philadelphia, PA

    Why isn't Tina Thompson a starter??!! She definitely has carried the load since Swoopes been out... they both should be starters on the all-star team...not satisfied with them just being up there... but they need to be starters!!!
    TeeJ, Wilmington, NC

    It is incredible that Lisa Leslie has again been snub by fans when voting for the "All Stars." Look at the stats on the WNBA page and you will see she is in the top four in points scored, rebounds, blocks, turnovers created, double-doubles, & efficiency rating. She is 16th in steals & 25th in assists. She is 10% better than the #2 player when you combine points, rebounds, & assists. And finally, she is the leader of the Los Angeles Sparks, the first place team in the WNBA!!! Look in the dictionary under "All Star" & find Lisa Leslie's picture.
    Rosie, Lancaster, CA

    I voted for Sue Bird, because she's a baller, she might not score a lot of points every night but she's key to the Storms' sucess! LJ, because I've never seen anyone play soo hard and soo good every night even with an injury. Also Diana Taurasi, because she can do it all, shoot, pass, rebound, she's an all around baller and I was dissapointed that she didn't get starting lineup!
    Shannon, CA

    Becky Hammon should be on the All-Star Team!
    -Erin, Bronx, N.Y.

    Lisa Leslie should be an all-star, she is having a great season and she is carrying her team. Also Nikki Teasley because she is leading the league in assist while averaging double figures in scoring.
    -Rebecca, Rhinelander, WI

    I believe outside of Leslie, Catchings and Jackson, Tina Thompson has been every bit of AMAZING. She comes every year prepared and ready to play in this league night in and night out. She's the best Power forward in this league and very deserving of All-Star Honors. Lj to me is a natural center therefore i choose Thompson as the best Forward in this league. Go TINA!!!!!!!
    -Stevo, Houston, TX

    I vote for Tamika Whitmore who has been under rated her entire career. 'Miko' now is among the top ten in scoring and has kept Indiana in the playoff hunt while Tamika Catchings was injured.
    -Mark, Powder Springs, GA

    -Footballer, Greenbelt, MD

    When is Nykesha Sales going to get some credit!!!
    -jaji, New Castle, DE

    I think Diana Taurasi, Sue Bird, Ann Strother, Cappie Pondexter, and Lisa Leslie should be in the All-Star Game.
    -Kelsey, San Antonio, TX

    KT Douglas should be in the starting line up. She has led the Sun to the point that they are at now.
    GO SUN and KT.
    -Celeste, Bennington,VT

    Lisa Leslie is THE super All Star, no question the most deserving. Last year's biggest snub was Lindsay Whalen. Go Sun! We need to see the fabulous rookies, Pondexter and Augustus, the super stars of the future.
    -Barbara, North Haven, CT

    The Sparks are the best team in the WNBA and Lisa Leslie is the best too. That's my favorite player in the WNBA and I hope to meet her one day.
    -Darnisha, Hawthorne, CA

    Dominque Canty: Points per game is up 10.9 since the earlier years with Detroit Shock. She is playing under control when penetrating - her best field goal percentage of her career. She's getting to the freethrow line and she's making the points. She's rebounding well and after a shakey beginning has decreased the turnovers. She has always been a strong defender and can/will cause many turnovers with her defense for opponents. The assists are consistant and there is sure to be a steal or almost steal in any game ---her overall game has improved and she was having an all-star season until injury. But she can come back and the team will benefit from her game in the playoffs.
    -sheryl, houston, TX

    Alana Beard definitely should be there....
    -Jamie, Washington D.C.

    I think that the most deserving player who will probably get overlooked is Kamila Vodichkova. She is one of the top three centers in the league overall. She scores, rebounds, blocks shots, runs the floor and can pass the ball really well. She and Tamika Whitmore will probably be overlooked though they are both the centerpieces of the teams, Phoenix and Indiana respectively, post game and are making the most of it at an all star caliber level.
    -Patrick/Clutch, Jackson, MS

    I love WNBA! But unfortunately here in the Philippines, i just watched about 20 games a season... It's sad... Ireally like New York because of Becky Hammon, Lauren Jackson and Sue Bird of Seattle, Tina Thompson and Sheryl Swoopes of Houston and Ticha Penicheiro of the Monarchs...! Good Luck to all of you... and stay out of injuries...! ;)
    - Cheska, Manila, Philippines

    Michelle Snow is on fire! Should play in her 2nd All Star game.
    -Wayne, Lexington, KY

    I think Becky Hammon should go seeing how she has help the Liberty with some great games. I also have to go with Anna DeForge just cuz she has come here to Indy and is playing her heart out. I'll also say Amber Jacobs just cause I like her. I cant wait to go to the all-star game. and see Jennifer Azzi.
    -Lauren, Brownsburg, IN

    Why is Becky Hammon so underrated? She has been in the league a long time and is an awesome player who is my favorite! She never gets nominated for the all star games or even like the all-decade team? What's up with that? Why is she always overlooked?
    -Christi, Ardmore, OK

    Betty Lennox!!! B-Money!!!
    -Michelle, Seattle, WA

    All these players are amazing and are a joy to watch. I'm Australian so aren't caught up in the American College b'ball thing but I think it is phenomenal that Bird, Cash & Taurasi are all leading their clubs now having all come from UConn. All credit to the people down there producing this calibre of player. Also as good as we all know Lauren Jackson is, I believe it is noteworthy how she continues to play dominating b'ball in 2006 under the duress of her leg injuries. Congrats to LJ!!
    -Suse, Stanthorpe, Australia

    Sue Bird, Becky Hammon, and Lisa Leslie will be main top scorers in the All-Star Game.
    Patrick, Ogden, UT

    I think Seimone Augustus is the most deserving. I would love to see her play with real players.
    -Sandy, Baton Rouge, LA

    I like the team New York Liberty because of Becky Hammon. She's really a great player and Ican see that shes getting better and better for each and every game... Well i watched their game against Indiana, which is a sorry loss for them, but the team did terrific, especially Becky Hammon.. those 3-point shots she made that gave them the lead made me fall in love for her... Go go Go becky!!
    -Jeff, subic, philippines

    I know this will NEVER be posted on the website, but, congrats to Tina Thompson for scoring her 4000th point. I'm not sure why the WNBA never acknowledges Tina's accomplishments, but oh well. Who cares that she's a fan favorite and one of the originals? If she isn't one of your website's favorites, i.e. Sue Bird, Lauren Jackson, you all virtually ignore her. Thanks for the diversity WNBA.
    -kalto, TX

    Sophia Young has turned around the Silver Stars. She leads the team in both scoring and rebounding as a rookie. Yet, she isn't even among the players listed in your poll of top young players. She is the best all around young player in the league, and deserves to be in the all star game.
    -Billy, Morgans Point Resort, TX

    What a positive role model Chamique Holdsclaw has been for my daughter Lauren. We met her at BWI airport a fews years ago and I was so touched by her warmth and kindness to Lauren. Lauren is a BB player and always looks forward to watching Chamique play...we miss her in DC!!!!
    Glad she is happy and doing well on the West Coast!
    She will always be #1 to us!!!
    -Sherrell, Centreville, VA

    Congrats to everyone for making it back to play another year in the ever so growing WNBA!!! I love Seimone Augustus and her style of play...who doesnt? Monique Currie is also great. I just love T-Catch she is my all-time favorite and i hope to one day meet her and tell her what a great role model she is for younger ladies like myself. Nikki T in Washington i would have to say is one of the best PG's because she makes the game that much more exciting with her style of play. Alana Beard need i say more. But good luck with the season to everyone. SEIMONE AUGUSTUS 4 ROOKIE OF THE YEAR!!!
    -Shaluan, Dallas, TX

    T.CATCH-IT!!!!!!!(tameka catchings) should be the M.V.P. night in & night out she put up stats & does all the thing that dont show up in the stat book. her team depends on her for everything.
    -Supastr1day, Birmingham, AL

    Swin Cash, Stacey Lovelace, Sheryl Swoops should be all-stars.
    -Teresac, Nashville, TN

    I think that Diana Taurasi and Cappie Pondxter are most deserving.Cappie Pondexter is most deserving because she is a shining rookie and she has been doing exceptionally well so far this season.Diana Taurasi is most deserving because not only is she the leading scorer in the league but she has the playing calibur of an all-star player .
    -Jasmine, Baltimore, MD

    I don't think there is enough room on the bench for all the people that deserve to be on the all star team. in my eyes they are all all stars because they are making a pathway for young women like me. they have accomplished things that are my goals. so in my eyes you are all ALL STARS no matter what the roster says, you deserve your spot on the team too. thank you for making a way for me. - luv u all
    -whitt, cumberland, KY