I believe chamique holdsclaw should be a starter next to lauren jackson. deanna nolan should start along with nykeshia sales. there's no way michelle snow should statr over lisa leslie or yolonda griffith. sue bird and dana taurasi is the ultimate backcourt.
-Don, Brooklyn, N.Y.

Have people been following the WNBA this year??? The reason I ask is that Swin Cash has received an outstanding number of votes for a player that has not been playing. Don't get me wrong I think she is an outstanding athlete and healthy quite possibly the best at her position. With the pool of talented women in the league to choose from I think it is a shame to vote for someone that at this time does not deserve the votes and snub those that do.
-Gina, Kankakee, IL

I enjoy voting, but it's frustrating to see ballot stuffing keeping the season's best players out of the starting lineups.
-EO, Granada Hills, CA

I do believe that Alana Beard belongs at the 2005 WNBA allstar game. She's a all around player. She's a great scorer and a great defensive player. She will be one of the best player in the WNBA in years to come. I really hope she will be an allstar.
Luvvy, Albany, NY

Ticha Penicheiro should definitely be in it this year b/c you guys got caught up in all the popularity with Sue Bird and now Diana Taurasi - no offense to them, they are both GREAT players, and of course they score a lot more than TP does. When I vote, I don't vote for my favorite players because everyone else is already going to vote for them so I vote for the other players who are also good but don't get too much recognition. All the best to the 05 All Stars. :]
-Sanela, Bronx, N.Y.

I think Nancy and or Doris have it about right. The All Star game is about players who have excelled in the first half of the season. Alot of fans vote for their favorites despite those players not having a great first half, or not having played a single game. What is best for the WNBA is for the best players to be in the All Star Game!
-Viickster, N.Y., N.Y.

Lauren Jackson is the OMEGA of womens basketball
-Michele, Burkburnett, TX

Well, I am looking forward to seeing Diana Taurasi and Delisha Milton-Jones after what happend in Tuesdays game
-Steffani, Ashland, OR

Swoopes there it is and Holdsclaw on the same team. It's like Jordan and pippen.
-Pippen, Tampa, FL

Dawn Staley and Allison Feaster absolutely deserve to go to the All Star Game. Dawn is the coach, captain and leader of the Charlotte Sting with incredible stats. Allison Feaster, if surrounded by a better cast of players, would be off to a much hotter start. Defensively Allison is always called on to guard the most offensive aggressive opponent and still manages to lead the team in scoring. It's Allison's turn to be recognized for the outstanding player she is.. on both ends of the court and with her intangibles of heart and forever being a warrior.
-Margaret, Charlotte, NC

I voted for Becky Hammon because of her work ethic and her ability to make the most out of what she has been given. She is a great leader and ammbasador for the WNBA and sports in general!
-Jennifer, New York

I can't believe the "experts" didn't pick Becky Hammon as a Guard for the East. She seems to be overlooked for most of her career. As a long time UCONN fan, it is sometimes hard for me to admit she probably has the best skills in the game. Offensively she is deadly inside and out, her passing is unbelieveable and her leadership is unmatched. I was always amazed that her old coach failed to notice the Liberty would always do better when she was in. The Liberty should be using their superior perimeter game, with a hosts of great outside shooters. It now appears Beck's points now come only on broken plays or on breaks.
-Pat, Hartford, CT

I think we should include the Rookie of the year and send a message to all Rookies. Send Tameka Johnson, Mystics to the All Stars. She is the hardest playing young leader and her stats speak for themselves. Thanks.
-Melita, Alexandria, VA

I am definitely looking forward to seeing my favorite player, Alana Beard. She can do it all, offensively and defensively. I think she and Tweety will be awesome in the back court for the East. With Catchings, Taj and Ruth, they can compete with the West All Stars.
-Shirl, Bahamas

I am a huge fan of the Houston Comets' Sheryl Swoopes. I love the way she plays the game. She definitely deserves to be were she is now as far as leading all players in All Star Balloting. She has play exceptionally well thus far this season. Go Comets!!!
-Chris or Sherman, Natchez, MS

I voted for chamique Holdsclaw because i believe that right now she is the MVP of WNBA. She is playing like the best player too. I also voted for deanna nolan because she brings her "A" game every night. i Voted for Yolanda Griffith as the best center right now, and i also voted for Temeka johnson because she is my favorite rookie.
-EB, Baltimore, MD

Sue Bird, no doubt the best point in the league, has a huge impact on the team without having to score.
-Kondor, Bolingbrook, IL

I voted for Penny Taylor because she is important to the Phoenix Mercury team. She doesn't get much attention because of Diana Taurasi.
-Cassie, Olmsted Falls, OH

Lisa Leslie and Sheryl Swoopes deserve to be in the WNBA All-Star Game every year they're in the league. These women have won WNBA titles and Olympic gold medals, along with Dawn Staley, playing against the best competition the world has to offer.
-Edrick, Jackson, MS

My #1 vote is Lisa Leslie - she is by far the most complete player in the WNBA. Ms Swoopes is the 2nd best in my book and gets my vote every time....
-Wanda, Baton Rouge, LA

I voted for every member of the connecticut sun i could, because they are a complete TEAM........period...NEXT.
-corey/reesee, new orleans, LA

I voted for Taj McWilliams Franklin because she is playing awesome ball and is on the team w/ the best record in the league. I think she has been overlooked for players who are popular. She deserves to play. I am surprised at all the votes Swin received since she has not played this season.
-Hersee, Cleveland, OH

Tamika Catchings deserves to be an all-star because she does everything for the Fever. She scores, rebounds, passes, and plays great defense. She is the most complete player in the league. She is also a great leader for the Fever and is a big reason why they are doing so well! Go Fever!
-Adam, Shelbyville, IN

I voted for Dawn Staley, Tamika Catchings, Nikki Teasley, Sheryl Swoopes, Ruth Riley, Ticha Penichero, Sheri Sam as a write in Yolanda Griffiths, Becky Hammons, Tangela Smith, and Chamique Holdsclaw. Not only are they all-stars on the court, but they are all-stars off the court. They are all great role models for children and women of all ages who have dreams of becoming professional atheletes. Keep up the good work ladies and good luck on the rest of your seasons.
-Nicole, Garner, NC