As the WNBA celebrates the fifth anniversary of the WNBA All-Star Game (Saturday, July 12, 4 ET, ABC), will celebrate the five women who have played in all four WNBA All-Star Games.

In our second installment, we look at New York Liberty All-Star point guard Teresa Weatherspoon. Spoon is one of two players (Tina Thompson is the other) to start in all four All-Star Games. (Chamique Holdsclaw has also been voted to start in the four All-Star Games, but did not play in the last two because of injury.) This year, Weatherspoon again will start for the Eastern Conference, the only player in the East to start all five All-Star Games.

See what Weatherspoon had to say before and after her experiences in the WNBA's midsummer classic.

Next installment: Connecticut Sun guard Nykesha Sales

WNBA All-Star 1999: New York City
What she said before the All-Star Game:
[Who would you pay to see?] "Myself! Who would I pay money to see? I would see myself. But you've got some players here. There are the people you come and watch. They're absolutely outstanding athletes and I think tomorrow is going to be a beutiful day for everyone. There's going to be some excitement going on in the Garden."

What she said after the All-Star Game:
"I'm mad. I'm real mad. Just kidding, I'm not really mad. It was beautiful. It was a great feeling for me to walk out into the arena and hear the crowd react the way they did. We would have loved to have won it for them, but I'll tell you what, this was absolutely beautiful."

Spoon's Stats: 3 points, 4 assists, 2 rebounds in 17 minutes

WNBA All-Star 2000: Phoenix
If you were to create a WNBA team, which players would you pick?
"Myself. Vickie Johnson. Yolanda Griffith. Oh my goodness, all these players. Chamique Holdsclaw, Nikki McCray, Tari Phillips, Cynthia Cooper. I'd have them all. Without a doubt, Vickie Johnson would be on my right-hand side."

What do you enjoy most about playing for the Liberty?
"Madison Square Garden, without a doubt. I love my teammates. We share very special moments together and not just playing the game of basketball. Without them, there's no me. But I think for each one of us, playing in Madison Square Garden is something that we'll have our mouths wide open about, looking like an alligator."

Spoon's Stats: 3 points, 3 rebounds, 3 assists 3 steals in 20 minutes

WNBA All-Star 2001: Orlando
Where do you get your energy and enthusiasm from?
"I love the game, I'm very passionate about what I do and I believe that and think about that everyday. I'm doing what I love to do for a living, I get excited just thinking about it. I love what I'm doing and I do what I love."

How does it feel to be a three-time All-Star starter?
"I'm just thankful, I'm very thankful. The selection to the All-Star teams means more than anything because I was selected by the fans. These are the people that you travel all over the world for and perform for and entertain and when they choose you, it's a special moment. You really can't find the words to describe it, all you want to say is thank you for voting me in."

Spoon's Stats: 3 steals, 2 assists, 1 rebound in 15 minutes

WNBA All-Star 2002: Washington
What do you see for the WNBA's future?
"This league will survive. I think you're going to see a lot of these ladies. The veterans are furthering their careers. You are going to see a lot of young players bringing energy to the WNBA and continuing to carry the torch."

What does it feel like to be voted in by fans?
"Incredible. This is probably one of the happiest moments. It's been a rough season, but the fans chose me in. So I'm happy and thankful. I just want to thank them and hopefully I can give them a show tomorrow."

Spoon's Stats: 4 points, 2 rebounds, 2 assists in 21 minutes