As the WNBA celebrates the fifth anniversary of the WNBA All-Star Game (Saturday, July 12, 4 ET, ABC), will celebrate the five women who have played in all four WNBA All-Star Games.

In our fifth and final installment, we look at Sparks center Lisa Leslie.

Leslie has made the All-Star Game her personal showcase as she has been named the game's MVP three times in 1999, 2001 and 2002. Strangely enough, she's didn't start the 2001 game. Leslie rectified the snub by being named MVP of that game. She has started every other All-Star Game and will do so again in New York.

See what the three-time All-Star Game MVP had to say about her experiences in the WNBA's midsummer classic.

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WNBA All-Star 1999: New York City
Is it a great honor for you to be voted to the Inaugural All-Star Game?
"It's overwhelming really. There's a lot of women in the WNBA. There's a lot of women who could be here. To be voted by the fans says a lot -- that people are aware of what's going on. I'm really thankful. I think they just really appreciate my talent so I'm definitely grateful."

Can you explain your feelings at being named MVP?
"I feel really honored to have this award. Obviously a few other players probably had the opportunity to get it as well. I guess basically I'll leave here believing that I'm going to be a part of history."

Lisa's stats: 13 points, 5 rebounds in 17 minutes, named game's MVP

WNBA All-Star 2000: Phoenix
Are you going to go for a second All-Star Game MVP?
"I'm on a very good team here and sometimes the situation may come about with a few fast breaks, but I can't predict what's going to happen. I'm going to come out and play hard during the minutes that I do get."

Can compare last year's game and this year's?
"I'd have to say last year's was so much more intense, because we really didn't know what to expect at the All-Star Weekend. We went from one media interview to another. We were shuffled around a lot. We did some appearances. But this being our second year, we knew what to expect. We knew when to get rest and when to have fun."

Lisa's stats: 16 points, 6 rebounds in 21 minutes

WNBA All-Star 2001: Orlando
You're a three-time All-Star. How do you feel?
"To be a three-time All-Star, it's definitely an honor to represent our league at the All-Star Game. It's exciting because it's a big national event and on ESPN and a lot of fans can watch and get involved. The league and the sponsors have done a really great job of making this a really memorable event."

What Leslie said after the game:
"It's a great honor. First, I want to thank God for giving me this opportunity and also my teammates from the West side for giving me the ball. It was a lot of fun to be here. I know the East, the crowd is a little upset that we won again, but it was a great game and I'm just thankful I'm going back to L.A. with the MVP."

Lisa's stats: 20 points*, 9 rebounds in 23 minutes, named game's MVP
*All-Star Game record

WNBA All-Star 2002: Washington
What does it mean to be here with your coach and two teammates?
"It's great. We were looking to have four or five. It's a great opportunity, especially for our coaching staff to be here after winning the championship. Coach Cooper will have a lot of fun. I think the West will enjoy getting a taste of what he's like."

What Leslie said after the game:
"That was pretty exciting. Overall, that was an awesome All-Star Game. I don't think we could have asked for a better game to be played here in the Nation's Capital. It was very competitive. Obviously, the East is much improved and they did a great job of really fighting hard and executing and playing the game really physical."

Lisa's stats: 18 points, 14 rebounds in 28 minutes, named game's MVP