As part of WNBA All-Star 2003 on, actor Jonathan Lipnicki took part in a live chats with fans from Madison Square Garden during the Game on Saturday.

Jonathan Lipnicki has co-starred in a major motion picture with Tom Cruise, hung out with Tiger Woods, Ken Griffey Jr. and Shaquille O'Neal as well as starred in his own TV series. Jonathan is just 12 years old. Jonathan made his feature film debut at the age of 5 in "Jerry Maguire." He starred in the 1999 number one holiday hit "Stuart Little" with Geena Davis and Hugh Laurie. Last summer, Jonathan co-starred in two feature films, "Like Mike" and "Stuart Little 2," and he is currently working on his next movie, "When Zachary Beaver Came to Town."

Find out what Jonathan had to say...

Gem (Dayton, OH): Jonathan, do you play any sports? What's your favorite?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I play basketball and that's my favorite.

Laura from Hartford: I remember seeing you on t.v. at the NBA All-Star Game... Which is more fun to go to?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I've had fun at both.

hoops_fan (NYC): What's your favorite thing to do in your free time?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I like to play basketball and baseball. I play point guard and shooting guard. In baseball, I play center field.

Amanda (San Antonio): Who do you think will win today's All-Star Game -- East or West? Any pick for MVP?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I think the West will win, and Lisa Leslie will win MVP.

Susie (NY): Who was your favorite person to act opposite?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I've had fun with a lot of people. I'm not quite sure. Everyone was great to work with.

Alex (Las Vegas): What's your next movie, "When Zachary Beaver Came to Town" about?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I'd have to say it's about a boy in a small town in Texas who makes friends with this 400 pound boy from a freak show.

Vlada (Toronto): What character that you've played can you relate to the most?

Jonathan Lipnicki: Murph in "Like Mike" I think... We both love basketball.

Emily (los angeles): Do you have a favorite WNBA player? Who is it?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I'd have to say Lisa Leslie.

J.H.: What was it like making the Stuart Little movies?

Jonathan Lipnicki: It was fun to work with the CGI technology ... acting with nothing there.

Cat (Houston): If you could meet one person, dead or alive, who would it be, and why?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I think maybe Dr. J because he's such a great basketball player.

Kat (Texas): What kind of reaction do you get when you go back home?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I live in a small town and a lot of people know me there, so I don't get a lot of abnormal reactions. At my middle school, I'm new, so it's been a bit different.

Todd: How much travelling do you have to do?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I travel a lot for publicity and for doing movies.

Jaimee (Addison): What was your favorite set to work on?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I don't really have a favorite.

Chrissy PA: If you could have played the lead role in any film, what movie would you have chosen?

Jonathan Lipnicki: Maybe Captain Jack Sparrow in "Pirates of the Caribbean" -- I like that movie.

Chrissy PA: What was the last concert you were at?

Jonathan Lipnicki: Justin and Christina's tour -- "Justified and Stripped"

Madison (H-Town, TX): HELLO! What was the best NBA/WNBA All-STar game you ever seen?

Jonathan Lipnicki: I haven't been to any other WNBA, and I've been to one NBA. I had a great time at the NBA All-Star Game in Atlanta, and I'm having a great time now.

Jonathan Lipnicki: I'd like to thank everyone for writing in.