As part of WNBA All-Star 2003 on, BET host Free took part in a live chats with fans from Madison Square Garden during the Game on Saturday.

Free hosts BET's series, "106th and Park." Live from New York, viewers of the network's signature music program are treated to the biggest stars and their hottest videos five days a week. Free's casual interview style and hip-hop background allows viewers to gain unique perspectives on their favorite performers. Free began her career in the entertainment industry as a rapper, and was formerly signed to a record deal with Wyclef Jean's Refugee All Star Records. She has since left his label to pursue other opportunities and is currently in the studio working on a new album.

Find out what Free had to say...

Madison (H-Town, TX): HELLO FREE!! Everyday I watch you and AJ on 106 And Park BET everyday and I LOVE u guys! You 2 are fabolous! How fun is it?

Free: it is sooo much fun.. we have a great crew and I love music so interviewing everyone is craaazy!

Amber (Charlotte): Hey Free, what's up? How are you enjoying today's All-Star Game? I'm watching on t.v., what's it like to be there in person?

Free: I'm here not far from the East bench and its exciting the place is packed and theres a lot of cotton candy!

Eric (Madison, Wis.): How'd you get started with the show?

Free: I was asked to audition and literally two weeks after the audition I was on air. before that I was pursuing a music career now I'm bak at it

Lou (Boston): Is there a guest you've had on the show that you've enjoyed meeting the most? Who's the best celeb you've met?

Free: I enjoy all of the guests.. really everyone is individual in style and talent I learn someothing everyday from intervieweing them. Favorite guest ever. WuTang!

NYL Lover 4 Life: Hey Free I just wanted to know who you think will win the All-Star game this year? East....or....West? By the way I love your show.

Free: well I'm from the east so thas an unfair question I'm with Weatherspoon and Staley!!!!!!!!

J.J. (Brooklyn): Did you play sports growing up?

Free: I actually ran track and cheerleaded for a while but my real training was from hanging with my brother and male cousins.. Jumpin out the tree without breaking a leg was a sport for us hahaha

Gala (Columbus): Hi Free, I'm a big fan of yours and the show. Which is your favorite WNBA team and who is your favorite player?

Free: team Liberty.. player Weatherspoon.. she's just a cool person on top of being an incredible player!

Daisy (Orlando): What sort of music are you working on now? Any plans to release anything soon?

Free: hip hop influenced r&B should be out by the end of the year so look for it ok.. its on the way Im workin hard on it.. thank you for asking

Brandon,NC: Will you try to ask some WNBA players to come on 106 and park?

Free: we"ve actually had Teresa and I'm hoping this season we"ll have more.. if you notice we try to stay music and movie based and leave the sports to Maad sports we can't hog all the stars but we"ll try just for u ok?

Lisa (Roxbury, MA): Go Free! You're the best. I was wondering... what did you study in college?

Free: criminal justice was my major when I started school

Free: hey everyone thanks for writing in your questions... and thanks for watching 106 n Park.. me n A love yall! Go East! enjoy the game!