Moderator: Now welcome Swin Cash to the Cybercast!!!

Chelsea(Newington, CT): Swin, I love the game of basketball and love watching you and everyone play. I was wondering if you had any advice to give to a young player who wants to make it big?

Swin Cash: Be committed for whatever it is you want to do. Don't let anyone tell you that you can't do it. Put your mind to it.

Kim, IL: Hey Swin! You are awesome! How does it make you feel to see Sue Bird as a starter for the West this year? Also, what are your predictions for the game... like MVP and the winning team? YOU'RE AWESOME

Swin Cash: I estatic about Sue playing in the All-Star game. She deserves it. I think by the end of the night, she will make her presence felt. I predict that the East is going to win. I have to go with my Conference.

Nina, CT: SWIN! when are you going to come back and see me? We miss you, but your playing great! keep it up!

Swin Cash: Hi Nina. Thanks for all your support. Have a great summer and hopefully I will see you at a UCONN game next summer.

Dani(los angeles): swin what do you do when off the court?

Swin Cash: I love to relax in my free time. Shopping is always a must. And spending time with my family is a pleasure.

kasey: i gota question for swim... can you dunk

Swin Cash: I have dunked before, but it takes me a few tries.

CR1: Hey Swin, how are you liking the WNBA this season?

Swin Cash: I am having the time of my life. To have this opportunity to play with some of the best athletes in the world is a dream come true.

VJrulz55: Swin, do you think you got snubbed for the AllStar game? I know that many shock fans feel that way.

Swin Cash: I think everyone who is playing deserves it. It just gives me more motivation for next year. Go Shock!

Heidi, WI: Swin!! You should have been an All-Star! How is it playing against your former Uconn teammates in the WNBA?!

Swin Cash: It feels great to play against my former teammates, because we are so competitive and we both want to win, so it's bragging rights for whomever wins after the game.

Bianca: Hi Swin, you are AWESOME and underrated in the WNBA. What are your goals for the rest of the season?

Swin Cash: To come everyday, practice and game and get better - individually and as a team.

CaliGirl: Hi Swin! I was wondering if you saw the West's practice yesterday? Any comments on Sue's dancing?

Swin Cash: Sue is a good dancer! She only showed a little bit of it yesterday. It's a New York thing.

Carolyn (Brooklyn): Swin, if you could be on an All-Star team and pick four teammates, who would they be?

Swin Cash: Sue Bird, Tamika Williams, Ashja Jones and God.

Kelsey: Who do you like in tonights game?

Swin Cash: Go East!

Kim(Tampa): Who is the funniest person on the Detroit Shock?

Swin Cash: Ayana Walker is hilarious.

Shmace - - - ct: hey swin i just wanted to tell you you are my favorite favortie favorite player of all time i have got a question for you... how do you feel about your team and your two game win streak .. do u think u can keep it going

Swin Cash: Until someone beats us (laughs).

Christina (Brooklyn): Hope for the playoffs this year, Swin?

Swin Cash: Anything is possible. Charlotte proved that last year.

Kemikal (Bris Vegas): Swin what was/is your favourite Cartoon??

Joseph: Hi Swin!!! Who are your favorite singers and what kind of music do you like? What's your favorite movie and why?

Swin Cash: The Smurfs. My favorite smurf is Papa Smurf...and maybe Baby Smurf. Papa Smurf is the wisest.

Swin Cash: One of my favorite singers is Mary J. Blige and Brandy. I listen to all types of music, but I think there is a message behind every song. I love gospel music. Yolanda Adams rocks! And my favorite movie is The Color Purple and Waiting To Exhale.