Moderator: And now, welcome Brian McKnight to the Cybercast! Send your questions in for the singer now!

Steve-O, (Detroit): Brian, what are your favorite songs or artists out now?

Brian McKnight: I like anybody that is creating anything new.

Mikey S, (Orlando): Who is Brian McKnight's favorite WNBA player?

Brian McKnight: Sue Bird!

Realities (NYC): B--How big a fan are you for the WNBA? Who do you have your eye on tonight? What's your prediction?

Brian McKnight: The West looks really strong, but the East is coming up. It will be a good game!

Litrah (Atlanta): Hey Brian Ilove you singing... My favorite of all times is One lAST CRY.... My question is who do you think is gonna represent tonight?

Brian McKnight: My guess is either Lisa Leslie or Tina Thompson.

Kim(Tampa): How long have you been singing?

Brian McKnight: Since I could walk and talk. As far back as I can remember.

Realities (NYC): When is your next tour and will you do the Thrust Series your fans seem to adore so well right now?

Brian McKnight: November.

Randy: Brian, are you dating anyone right now?

Brian McKnight: No.

Eric: Brian, do you think we'll see a player dunk tonight? Who?

Brian McKnight: No. It would be nice though.

Sue: Brian, are you into acting? Are you going to be in anything soon?

Brian McKnight: I have done some acting. I am just waiting for the right project. I have done some tv.

Jamie: Brian, out of all of your songs, which is your favorite?

Brian McKnight: I write them all. I love them all equally.

Realities (NYC): When can we see YOU Brian play next? How well do you play? We hear you are......more than good on the court yourself.

Brian McKnight: Not unless there in LA for the summer leagues.

I Love Brian in Detroit: Will your greatest hits CD include any new songs??

Brian McKnight: My greatest hits will have at least two new songs and comes out Nov. 5th.

Sally: Brian, Los Angeles Sparks or Houston Comets?

Brian McKnight: No, I just follow players.