WNBA All-Star 2002 MVP Lisa Leslie stopped by after Monday night's All-Star Game thriller to do a live chat with fans. Here's what she had to say a few minutes after the game:

Fire fan!: Lisa~ How does it feel to win three MVP awards in a row??

Lisa Leslie: It feels great. That's four in one year. I just come out and play. I didn't really set any goals. In the first half, I was really relaxed, shooting and rebounding. At halftime it was 40-40, so they sent me into the post, so I crashed the boards and then it all just happened.

Christina (Brooklyn): Wow, Lisa, how does it feel to win this award again? Does it ever get old?

Lisa Leslie: It feels good. It just goes by stats, so it's a hard award to try to win. You just come out here and play competitive. It feels great.

Brandon, NC: Lisa, Did you think about dunking in the game?

Lisa Leslie: I did, but the game got so physical. They were getting back and shutting down our running game. So I was playing more in the post.

andre: Lisa, who do you dedicate that win and MVP award to?

Lisa Leslie: Just to the whole West squad. We all fought hard, and it was a team effort. This award separates me from the rest, but Tina or Lauren could have gotten it, so I dedicate it to the whole West squad.

sal: Lisa, how was it playing with the Comets? Will this make things more interesting if you meet them in the playoffs?

Lisa Leslie: Definitely. It was the norm, because those are also my Team USA teammates. But at the same time, we don't need any extra motivation to get ready for the Sparks vs. Comets.

BigBBallFan: Lisa! great job on third MVP! Do you think sue is a great player?

Lisa Leslie: I think Sue is a very good player, and she's going to become a great player. She has a nice shot and runs the floor well. She can play the one or the two. When Seattle moves her the two, she comes off of screens and hits the open shot.

mona: lisa, great game! what does this do for your mindset heading into the second half of the season?

Lisa Leslie: It gives me a lot of confidence in what I can do, and in helping my team. My rebounding really came through tonight.

Lisa Leslie: Thanks to everyone for your questions!