Moderator: Now welcome Katie Douglas!

Kim(Tampa): What do you like to do off the court in your spare time?

Katie Douglas: In my spare time, I enjoy shopping, sleeping and watching movies.

bballrocks: Katie, you're awesome. how awesome is it playing in the WNBA

Katie Douglas: It's very exciting to be able to play in the WNBA. It was a goal of mine in college and to play against the best players in the world is a blessing.

Kemikal (Bris Vegas): Katie what is/was your choice cartoon??

Katie Douglas: Probably is Scooby Doo. I saw the movie, and it was very funny.

Josh (Orlando): Katie, the Miracle are doing great. Do you think you can make it to the WNBA Finals?

Katie Douglas: Thank you! I think right now our goal is to make it to the playoffs. Once we get there anything is possible.

Carolyn: Katie, tell me about your involvement with the breast health program. Do you know Edna?

Katie Douglas: I am proud to be an ambassador for SEARS and the Breast Health Awareness program. My role with the program is to help spread awareness in any way I can.

Sue Bird Fan: Katie, who is your toughest opponent in the East?

Katie Douglas: I would say this year is Washington.

Joe: Katie, who do you think will come out of the West, the Comets or Sparks or ???

Katie Douglas: I am probably going to have to go with last year's champs the Sparks.

Heidi, WI: Hey Katie! You are an awesome player. I loved watching you play with Purdue and I love watching you play now. I was just wondering how it has been adjusting to not have Taj McWilliams for the remainder of the season. Thanks and good luck the rest of the season!!!

Katie Douglas: It's been difficult because Taj is a big part of our team, but we acquired Wendy Palmer in a trade to help us out and she is doing a great job for us.

Christina (Brooklyn): Katie, hat do you like most about playing in Orlando?

Katie Douglas: What I like most about playing in Orlando are my teammates and the ability to go to the beach at any time.

Connie (Sacto): Katie, if you could play with any point guard, who would it be and why?

Katie Douglas: I am gonna have to got with Jason Kidd, because he is very unselfish and can see the floor in so many different ways.

karl (australia): hi Katie!!! How is Wendy Palmer fitting in since the trade?

Katie Douglas: Wendy is doing an excellent job for us. She has stepped into the starting role and made an immediate impact for our team.

GO EAST!: Katie, people say the East isn't as strong as the West, but the score is tied now! What do you think?

Katie Douglas: I want the East to win. We haven't won an all-star game yet. Hopefully, the East will run up a good score on the West to quiet all the doubters.

Shawn: Hey Katie!! I am so glad you're doing well this season and getting some PT! Who is your favorite actor/actress?

Katie Douglas: My favorite actors are Paul Walker and Vin Diesel. My favorite actress is Julia Roberts.

Brian: Katie, you're hot! Are you single? please, please!

Katie Douglas: Depends on what you look like.

Heidi, WI: Katie, what four players would you choose to be on your all-star team, who would they be?

Katie Douglas: PeeWee, Kesh, Lisa Leslie and Sheryl Swoopes.

Katie Douglas: Thanks for all your questions!