Moderator: Now welcome Jen Azzi to the Cybercast! Send your questions in!

Fatimah, Durban SA: Hello from SA, What do you think is more important when choosing a team, talent or experience ??

Jennifer Azzi: I think they are both important.

MM: what do you htink about the rookies this year? how are they impacting the league?

Jennifer Azzi: Every year we have good rookies come into the league. The league just keeps getting better and better. I think Tamika Catchings is amazing.

double zz (Salt Lake): Hey J!!! I'm a big fan, if you were to have your own all star team what other 4 players would you choose???

Jennifer Azzi: I don't really think about that. However, I would love to play with Katie Smith, Tamika Catching, Sheryl Swoopes, Marie Ferdinand and Adrienne Goodson.

Sue: Jenn, do you think that youll coach once you retire?

Jennifer Azzi: I would love to coach. I played for so many different coaches and I have learned a lot.

Jenni - Provo: Jen, what do the Starzz have to do to get better?

Jennifer Azzi: We need to have better starts against LA and Houston.

Andree : Jen which team is the hardest to contend with when all the stars are playing at their best?? Who is the best center in the league

Jennifer Azzi: I think LA is the best team in the league. I think Lisa Leslie is the best center in the league.

cytnthia in salt lake: Jennifer....were you disappointed to be missing this...or just enjoying letting others get a chance to play?

Jennifer Azzi: No, it's just fun to be here and to see so many fans supporting the WNBA.

Kim(Tampa): who is the person who inspired you most in your life?

Jennifer Azzi: I would say my parents have inspired me the most and work hard at everything I do.

Corina: Who is your favorite player all-time both in the women's and men's game?

Jennifer Azzi: My favorite player is Teresa Edwards.

David Clark (SLC): Hey Jenn. Where do you think you'll be in 2-3 years as far as basketball is concerned?

Jennifer Azzi: Right now, I am taking it one year at a time.

Madison Porter (Houston, Tx): Hello Jennifer!! How are you doing? Are you enjoying the All-Star Game? I wish you had of made it but I guess not. So who do you think who looks GREAT for MVP tonight? Hav a GREAT season Jennifer!!

Jennifer Azzi: I am enjoying the game!

Randy (NYC): Hi Jen, I hope you're single, you're so hot! Tell me, do you think the Starzz can beat either the Comets or the Sparks when it counts? How?

Jennifer Azzi: I think we have a chance to play with either team. We definitely need to improve some, but we can match up with any team.

Go Starzz: Jen, who do you think is the MVP of the game so far?

Jennifer Azzi: I am not sure.

Kristin: What made you realize that you had a talent for basketball?

Jennifer Azzi: I have always played because I love the game.

Sammy: Jen, are you going to take your camps outside of Califonia?

Jennifer Azzi: Our camps our in Salt Lake City, and our website is

Sue, ny, love u azzi: what was it like playing in the abl....

Jennifer Azzi: The ABL was a great experience. Really, really good basketball.

Grellan: You look kind of like Jodie Foster, who is your favorite actor/actress?

Jennifer Azzi: My favorite actress is Jodie Foster. My favorite actor is Dennis Quaid.

NORCAL: Jen, are you still tight with some of your fellow Stanford alumns? Who?

Jennifer Azzi: Some of us keep in touch.

NORCAL: Do you think this year's UConn team could beat your national championship team?

Jennifer Azzi: No. They were really good. But so were we.

Kristin(Los Angeles): When didi you start playing?

Jennifer Azzi: I started playing in grade school. We had great girls leagues from a very young age.

Jennifer Azzi: Thanks to everyone for all of your questions!