Catchings: Obviously, being from the East, we're very disappointed about losing. I'm a sore loser. I'm going to start off like that. I think tonight was an awesome experience for me, being my rookie season and being able to be a part of the whole All-Star experience, coming out and having a great time with the players, the coaches, everybody was real cool. That's basically it.

Q. Being the rookie out there, how does it feel to finish with a team-high 12 points, and you were putting on a show out there, how does it feel making a statement?

Catchings: It feels good. It feels good coming out here and being a big part of the run that the East made. I think the East has come a long way from getting blown out tonight. It was a great game. We had a chance. We had our chance to win it. That says a lot. I'm looking forward to 2003, and hopefully seeing what the East can do next year.

Q. Injury didn't seem to hurt you at all?

Catchings: No, not really. Wearing a mask, if anything, made me more fierce, knowing that I had that protective guard on my nose, it's like, "Okay, I can still do what I want to do. If I get hit, I get hit, oh, well, I'll keep playing."

Q. There has been a lot of talk about the young players coming into the League. Was it something to see the players that you kind of grew up watching, actually being out in the All-Star Game with them?

Catchings: Yeah, they are still here, right? I think just being able to watch players like that, that you grew up watching, like Dawn and Lisa, Tina, Sheryl, it's great for the young players, just to be able to be on the court with them, and to learn and to see how they are. I think there were things in the locker room we were talking about at halftime, they were making fun of Dawn, talking about her back door cut. It's like you're standing there and you just go; she's like, "I don't have those young legs any more and I can't keep moving like you guys do." It goes to show you, the older players, they are smarter than the younger players. You see us going and going and going, but the older players, they always seem to get open at the right moment. Players like that, just watching how far, where they started at and where they are now, I'm just hoping that one day I'll be as good as them.

Q. What did Lisa Leslie show you tonight?

Catchings: Man, she's a competitor. Just watching Lisa, even during the USA Basketball Trials, until you actually get on the court with her and are actually in her presence on the court, I don't think you really appreciate how good she is and the things that she's able to do. I think tonight, she came out and just showed why she is the MVP.

Q. Now that it's all over, what was your biggest highlight of the whole event?

Catchings: My biggest highlight of the whole event; playing the game, the game tonight. I think the best part about the game is the introduction. It was cool, coming out for the introductions, like a little kid, dancing and all that, it was cool.

Thank you.