The Word From Weatherspoon


WNBA fans voted New York's Teresa Weatherspoon to a starting guard spot for the third straight year. As she prepares to point the Eastern Conference to its first All-Star win in league history on Monday, Weatherspoon took time out to answer a selection of fan questions.

What is your favorite part about being an All-Star and playing in the All Star Game? We saw you last year in Phoenix and had a great time!!!! Remember our sign, "T-Spoon Rocks!!!" And still so true!!! :) Love you and the Liberty!!!
Wendy and Elaine
Worcester, Mass.

Weatherspoon: Just being around all the girls. Being around all the girls who you've pushed and banged with, been competitive with. And in this atmosphere, it's just beautiful to be a part of it because now you're getting to know them in a better way and not the most competitive way. It's just a great way to be around different people.

Congrats on being picked for the All-Star Game! Which do you enjoy most -- playing the ball game itself or experiencing the fun and publicity for the WNBA that comes along with an All-Star Game?
Colorado Springs, Colo.

Weatherspoon: Both. I truly enjoy playing. I love to play. But it's also important when you get outside those four lines to be a part of people's lives and let them be a part of you. To let them know you're just normal and let them know that this league is here to stay for our younger girls to come.

Hey Spoon! I love watching you play at the Garden every week. As a former Texas resident and UT fan, I'm glad to have you on a team I'm cheering for. Go Liberty! My question for you is, how do you maintain such a high level of enthusiasm and motivation after playing the game for three decades?
Stamford, Conn.

Weatherspoon: I love what I do. I'm very passionate about what I do. I'm very serious about what I do. I just want everybody in these stands wherever I play to feel what I feel and that's why the emotions come out.

All-Star Games are not known for their wonderful defensive strategies, but defense is the Liberty's trademark. Will Richie and you ensure an Eastern win with the D?
Washington, D.C.

Weatherspoon: It comes out. Yeah, the All-Star Game is flashy for the people, but I think it's going to come out in you because you want to win. When it comes down to it, you want to win and defense definitely comes out at that point.

What is it like to be starting for the third year in a row? How is it going to be playing alongside two other Liberty players (Tari & VJ)?
Scarsdale, NY

Weatherspoon: You know, I'm probably more proud of them than I am myself. Especially because Vickie Johnson is like my little sister and she's finally getting her due. She's voted in by the people and that says a lot. I'm very proud of the both of them. To be there play with them, you can't ask for anything else. Then I have my coaching staff so you know all the minutes will be ours.

Teresa, it's going to be hard to contain Tina (Thompson) and Yolanda (Griffith). Are there any strategies?
East St. Louis, Ill.

Weatherspoon: It's going to be VERY difficult to contain those two. I think that they're having a tremendous season, definitely two All-Stars without a doubt in my mind. But we're just going to go out and play. It's all about enjoying the moment, enjoying the people and when my post players decide to stop them, I'm sure they'll do it.

Is this finally going to be the year the Liberty win a championship?
New York

Weatherspoon: In our minds, yes. We've been there three times and we've walked out the door without the prize. That's difficult. It's very difficult to come home and think about it the entire offseason. We feel as if we have the ingredients to get it done. We know what it takes. We've been there. Everybody's like, what does it take? And I think that's the one thing we ask ourselves. What does it take? We've been there; we've fought. It takes doing what we've done the entire season and then turning it up another level in the playoffs.


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