Nancy Lieberman Chat Transcript

ESPN analyst Nancy Lieberman-Cline answered fan questions in a live chat on after the All-Star Game.

Nancy Lieberman at 10:41pm ET
Generally speaking the talent on the floor was absolutely phenomenal. There's still that nervousness in the beginning and everyone's excited about being here. You've practiced with each other but you don't have that chemistry. All-Star Games tend to be a little sloppy in the beginning.

Everyone came out and played hard. The East has had problems stopping the West inside. I think at one point it was 30-15 in favor of the West for points in the paint. The East had some problems with their shot selection, their foul shots and then they were turning the ball over.

All in all, an All-Star Game is for the fans and they got to see the best players in the world. As far as Lisa Leslie, she was focused and she came out with something to do. You get her to play at another level at the All-Star Game and you could see her attacking the glass and going after blocked shots. She's not the most demonstrative player, but you could see her pumping her fist and showing intensity like it was a playoff game. She set a record for the most points in WNBA All-Star history.
R from at 10:41pm ET
Hey Nancy,
whats your assesment of Jackie and Laurens game today?

Nancy Lieberman at 10:42pm ET
They're in a tough situation. They're probably going to get the least of the divvied up minutes and they're going into the rotation last. I thought they did pretty well. They're All-Stars and they showed that here. I think everyone should be proud of their performances.
kimberly from at 10:42pm ET
hey nancy, when will swoopes return? she's missed terribly!!

Nancy Lieberman at 10:43pm ET
Sheryl has said that she's clearly resigned herself to the fact that she won't be back this season. I think that if there was anything that confirmed that in her mind it was seeing Tamika Catchings re-injure her knee and see what happened to Rebecca Lobo. I think she's ready to rehab this season completely and return at full strength next season.
Joan from at 10:44pm ET
do you agree with the coach for the east about zone defense or is it a little bit of sour grapes

Nancy Lieberman at 10:44pm ET
I understand why Van went to the zone because he wanted to protect Tina Thompson who was in foul trouble. And Richie being so competitive took it as how can you come at me with a zone in an All-Star Game? I hope that answers people's questions. He didn't do it to disrespect Richie.