Ticha Takes Your Questions


WNBA fans voted Sacramento's Ticha Penicheiro to a starting guard spot. As she prepares to point the Western Conference to its third straight All-Star win Monday, Penicheiro time out to answer a selection of fan questions.

My question to you is where did you get your handle from? Did you think of it all and create those hot passes or did someone or some people inspire you?

I just started playing basketball really young, at the age of six. I played everyday on the playgrounds in Portugal growing up and worked really hard to develop my game. Most of my moves come naturally, I just get on the court and do them. I don't really try to copy anyone, I just go out there and do what I feel. I just am really lucky to be gifted with the abilities that I have and I will continue to work really hard to develop those gifts and to let my game come naturally.

How do you feel about the fan support you get from Portugal (there was even an e-mail circulating here asking people to vote for you in the All-Star internet voting)?
Lisbon, Portugal

I am very proud to be from Portugal and very proud to be able to represent my country in the best basketball league in the world, the WNBA. Many of my friends and fellow countrymen from Portugal are aware that I'm here and are proud of my basketball accomplishments, too. They want me to succeed and would like to see me be an all-star, so I guess they vote a lot! Thanks!

Hey Ticha! Congrats on making the All Star team! My question is what do you think the Monarchs need to do to pull off their first WNBA championship? Hope you do well the rest of the season!

Thanks for your support. Well, lately the we have been playing with a lot more intensity, energy, and confidence. As a result, we are getting back to playing true monarchs basketball and we need to keep up that intensity and that desire to win for the rest of the season. I believe that right now we are right on track to get into the playoffs and make a run for the title.

Are you more conservative with your passing during the All-Star Game? I would imagine that some players aren't used to your style, and get hit in the head a lot! Thanks.
Washington, DC

During the All-Star game, I'm definitely much less conservative than during the season. This is the time when you're supposed to have fun and do something special for the fans and really put on a show (Does everyone remember Ticha's sweet behind the back pass to Lisa Leslie in the inaugural All-Star game?) Of course I want to win the game and the West wants to win the game, but we are also here to let loose and have some fun. This is the time when we put it all out there and everyone has a chance to show what they have. I don't really have anything specifically planned for the game because I think it's better for things to just happen naturally. Whenever you try to plan things, they just tend to get messed up.

Hey, Ticha! First of all, I want to say that I am a big fan of yours and I love the way you play. I want to know how does it feel to play in the All-Star Game? What goes on in the locker room before you guys play and what is the atmosphere like?

Thanks for the compliments! Being selected to participate in the All-Star game is a really big honor and is a big accomplishment. There are really so many All-Stars in the league, but only 22 are selected to make the team, 11 for the East and 11 for the West. When we are here at the All-Star Game, we really just try to have fun and enjoy each other as much as possibly. Usually during the season when we see each other, we focus on the game and winning, but now is a chance to let lose and have fun! In the locker room before the games we just have fun, laugh, crack some jokes and just enjoy being around each other and catching up with old friends.


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