All-Star Notebook

Overheard at Today's Shootaround: Veteran Advice for the Rookies

Nikki McCray

"My advice to the rookies is to just go out there and have fun. Just relax and have fun. Betty Lennox was the rookie last year for the West. It's just a matter of having fun, sharing the ball and whomever has the hot hand, making them look good at that point in time. Obviously it should be a great night for both teams. Dawn is a veteran and she knows the game, she's not really a rookie even though this is her first All-Star Game. We're down here in Orlando and the fans are great. We're ready to have fun."

"It's more of a fun atmosphere, we don't tease the rookies like, you have to go get the ball or pick up the socks or anything like that. But if they miss a layup or something, we'll say, 'come on now rook, you've got to get your shot, that may be the only shot you take!'"

Yolanda Griffith

"(Rookies should) just think of this as a regular season game. Come out aggressive and look for the win because there's always a big rivalry between the East and the West ... They (Jackie Stiles and Lauren Jackson) should have fun with this game, but you know, we're trying to win!"

"If I'm in with Jackie and she passes the ball to me, it's going to go right back to her so that she can get her first points. Same with Lauren too."

"Everybody here is on the same level. It's not like there's rookies, two-year All-Stars, three-year All-Stars, everybody is just one team and we all get out there on the court. It doesn't matter who starts or who's coming in off the bench, we're just trying to win."

"We ran some plays in practice, we went over our defense and what we're going to do in the game. We're looking for the win."

"I don't have anything special planned for the game. I'm just going to make sure I keep my eyes open to catch the ball from my teammate Ticha and be ready to rebound when Ruthie doesn't hit her threes! (Laughter)"

Janeth Arcain

"I feel like a rookie, too, because it's my first time here at the All-Star Game. I feel a little bit nervous and excited because I know that everybody is here to watch the best players in the league. We just have to wait until it's time to put our feet on the floor, then the nervousness will go away. It's exciting to be in Orlando and to play for different fans and be on TV to show the world what we can do. I am just so happy to be a part of what is going on."

"You never know what can happen out there, it just happens naturally. I'm sure we'll do something different in the game, but it just has to come naturally. You have the best players in the world out there, so it will be an exciting game."

"I just want to say thank you to everyone in Brazil for voting for me because they helped put me here. I'm just so excited to represent the Houston Comets in the All-Star Game, and to represent Brazil, too. I was a little surprised to be voted as a starter because I was surprised to have so many fans. I think I had the fourth most votes in the league. I was so happy and I need to come in here tonight and show why the fans put me here. This is a very special moment for me in life."

Chancellor has a super human resume. (WNBA Photo)


We all know that Van is the Man. Houston Comets coach Van Chancellor has coached in every championship game, has won every WNBA title and, after Monday, will have coached in all three WNBA All-Star Games ... Superman?