Natalie Takes Your Questions


Utah Starzz forward Natalie Williams will represent the Starzz in WNBA All-Star game. Williams takes time out to answer a selection of fan questions as she gets ready for the game.

Is this the most exciting and fun game of the season? I think it would be since you get to have fun without worrying.

Williams: I think it definitely is because you get to play with the best players in the league. I don't have to play against Yolanda Griffith, Katie Smith, Jackie Stiles, Lauren Jackson, Ticha Penicheiro it's just going to be a lot of fun.

How do you feel about playing in Orlando?
St. Petersburg, FL

Williams: It's an honor and also so much fun. It's a time for us to just hang out with each other and enjoy one another without the competition, the battle, the war that we're always going through. It's great. We get to catch up on what's going on in each other's lives and really share with each other as friends.

Ms. Williams, Do you bring your twins to the home and away games? And are they going to be at the All-Star Game with you?
Hampton, S.C.

Williams: They will not be here because we are going on a long road trip straight from here for two weeks. It will be the longest time that I've been away from them. But, yes, they do attend all our home games and absolutely love it! Sydney is always up there clapping.

When you're home alone, what do you do to entertain yourself? Do you just lie around sometimes and let yourself go with a nice gallon of ice cream?
Tampa, FL

Williams: No, not usually any ice cream. I like to go to movies but I usually hang out with my kids. There's not a lot of time during the season to do a lot of other things so whatever free time I get I usually spend with my kids. I read a lot on the road.

How are you going to keep busy in the offseason?
Thousand Oaks, CA

Williams: I'm going to highly enjoy being a mom! I'll do a lot of deep-water conditioning and I actually might go overseas and play and take the kids. That would be fun and that's in the works for January.

Hi Natalie, First of all, congratulations on the two new additions to your family. It's great to see you make the All-Star team again. Besides playing in the All-Star Game, which is an honor, what is your favorite part of the All-Star Weekend?
Sacramento, CA

Williams: Just hanging out and getting to know other people in the league and all my friends who are on the West and East teams.

Hey Nat, Congratulations on being in the All-Star Game again. How do you feel knowing that you are a role model and young people look up to you?
Gulfport, MS

Williams: I just think it's wonderful that young girls and young boys look up to us. I really appreciate that because I know I would've loved to have a role model to look up to like that when I was growing up. I'm just going to continue to work hard and hopefully the kids will do the same thing.

What helps you stay grounded and humble amongst the 'celebrity' status?
Honolulu, HI

Williams: This is my job and although I work very hard at it and love what I do, it's just a job. I know that everyone does look up to us, but we're just people just like everyone else and we give the same respect to anyone regardless of whether they're a professional athlete or someone on the janitorial staff. It's a fun environment and it's a great bunch of people to be around.


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