Lisa Leslie Chat Transcript

All-Star Game MVP Lisa Leslie answered fan questions in a live chat on after the game.

Danny Boy from at 10:46pm ET
What a game! It's a shame I missed it. How on your list of life-to-do-list is being an MVP?

Lisa Leslie at 10:46pm ET
It's getting higher and higher ever since I keep experiencing it. There's two more MVPs to get this season. So I'll be striving for them both.
Lin-Z at 10:46pm ET
lisa, who was your fav. player to play with that you usually wouldn't play with?

Lisa Leslie at 10:47pm ET
I would have to say Ticha Penicheiro because she's just so exciting. She gets me the ball and she's just good. She truly makes players better.

Lisa Leslie at 10:47pm ET
I think team defense and good team basketball. As long as we stay together, we can win.
Andrea from at 10:47pm ET
Hi Lisa
The best of luck to the sparks for the rest of the year
how was it hanging out with all of the girls tonite
Tammy from at 10:47pm ET
GO LISA!! You show them why you are a first pick not reserve. You are AWESOME!!

Lisa Leslie at 10:48pm ET
It was cool. Just about playing hard, making sure we don't take the East for granted because they were a smaller team. And aside from that, where we get our clothes made.
amanda from at 10:48pm ET
lisa, what an awesome game! you've done so much in your career, personally what is you next biggest goal besides winning the championship?

Lisa Leslie at 10:48pm ET
To get back into some acting in the offseason.
Carrie from at 10:48pm ET
Which team in the East do you think is the one to beat?

Lisa Leslie at 10:49pm ET
I think New York is going to be the team to beat just because they've been to the championship three out of the last four years.
Hannah from at 10:49pm ET
What was the whole all star experience like?

Lisa Leslie at 10:49pm ET
It was great. It was different coming off the bench but I still tried to stay focused and set my goals high. And I reached them.

Lisa Leslie at 10:50pm ET
Thanks for all your support. I'm really excited about being the MVP and I'm looking forward to getting back to playing with my teammates on the Sparks.


Lisa Leslie shows her All-Star 2001 MVP moves.
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Lisa Leslie accepts her second MVP trophy.
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