Holdsclaw donates $10,000 check to Hoop Dreams Foundation
Holdsclaw Honored for All-Star Votes


THE MODERATOR: I'd like to direct your attention to the podium for a special presentation. Joining us are President of the WNBA Val Ackerman, Yahoo! director of Production, Tonya Antonucci and Washington Mystics forward, Chamique Holdsclaw.

VAL ACKERMAN: It is a very special presentation. I'm thrilled to be here to be a part of it. I would just say by opening comment that when we started this league way back when, it was important from the beginning to engage fans to the greatest degree possible, and when we decided two years after we launched to have our first WNBA All-Star Game, it was really important to engage our fans in the selection of our All-Stars and have them be a part of that process.

I am very happy that Yahoo! sports -- and you're going to be hearing shortly from Tonya, has partnered with us in that, and it has been a successful process by any measure.
Chamique Holdsclaw is congratulated by WNBA President Val Ackerman. (WNBA Photos)
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The process by definition results in a top vote-getter, and this year, with over two million votes cast, we had a top vote-getter, and it's my great pleasure to present an award to her, Chamique Holdsclaw from the Washington Mystics with 105,000 votes cast. I can't imagine a more deserving top vote-getter. My only sadness is she is not going to be able to enjoy the fruits of her rewards and play today. But we look toward to having Chamique with us next year in Washington when the WNBA All-Star Game is being held in her home city.

I would like to present to Chamique this award. Among the things she is going to get today are this little Tiffany award as the top vote-getter from the Yahoo! Sports -- WNBA All-Star Game 2001 balloting program for this year's All-Star Game.

TONYA ANTONUCCI: Yahoo! Sports is honored to present to Chamique a check for ten thousand dollars to the charity of your choice, Hoop Dreams Foundation for winning this award. Congratulations.

CHAMIQUE HOLDSCLAW: Thank you very much. First and foremost, I want to thank all of the fans for their support because without them going out there and supporting me, I would not be up here. It is a fan friendly league and we try to go out and touch the fans as much as we can and their vote did count in this one and I want to thank Yahoo! for their support. It is great to win something, as far as donating something to the foundation. I'm starting to support the Hoop Dreams Foundation, they do a great job in the D.C. area helping underprivileged kids, and giving them an opportunity to get an education, and I'm excited about that.

Thank you.