Tamecka Takes Your Questions


Los Angeles guard Tamecka Dixon will represent the Sparks in WNBA All-Star game. As she prepares for Monday's game, Dixon takes time out to answer a selection of fan questions.

Hey Tamecka, Where did you get the cool gold shoes? A couple of friends of mine want to get a pair! You played great before but you seem to have gotten so much quicker and jump higher with the new shoes, at the games we joke that they must be super special magic shoes. How much credit do you give the shoes for your All-Star selection? :) Seriously though, you're an awesome player and I love watching you at Staples, have a great time in Orlando! Go Sparks, 2001 WNBA Champs!!!!!!
Sherman Oaks, Ca.

Not really too much credit for the All-Star selection. They are great shoes very light. I'm very quick on my feet with them. But I don't really give them that much credit. I think I give them more credit for knowing me. Because everybody knows me by the girl with the gold shoes. Actually, you know I endorse Nike shoes and one day I decided I wanted to wear them. So I went out and got some gold shoes and the crowd response was popular. The shoes were great.

Congratulations on your first all-star appearance. I have season tickets and see the games on tv. Do you believe that the Sparks are becoming like the Lakers because you are everyone's worst nightmare?
Gardena, Ca.

Thanks for the compliment! I appreciate that. I think we are. I think we're a marked team now. With our success everyone wants to beat us. So in that sense I think we're becoming like the Lakers. But we gotta win two just like they did.

Who do you think will be the most impressive from the East and the West?

Well, I'm going to have to go with my teammate Lisa (Leslie), of course, because I'm biased. And me. I think on the East, anyone can step up and take the challenge of being the leading scorer, leading assist person or rebounder. So I think with them it's going to be a total team effort. But I think you're going to see some true stars coming out of the West.

Tamecka, you have been one of the most underrated players in the league, how does it feel to finally get your chance to showcase the skill you knew you had to such a large audience? Even though I'm a Comet fan, I wish you luck in the playoffs, but not too much
Porterville, Ca.

It feels good. Everyone who knows me from home knows I have a lot of little dribbling techniques that I do and they're looking for me to bring them out at the All-Star Game. So I'm looking forward to the challenge and I'm just looking forward to having a lot of fun.

First, I would like to say congratulations on being selected on the 2001 all-star team. You really deserve it. What was your reaction when you found out that you were going to be on the all-star team?
Los Angeles

I was excited about it. It just shows that hard work pays off. I've been in the league for five years and two of the five years had some adverse situations. But I was able to overcome that and I'm excited.

What is the best thing about your first All-Star Game? There will be many more to come because your time has arrived. Good luck and thanks for signing my shirt. #1 DIXON FAN
Brookhaven, Pa.

I think for me personally, just getting to know the players off the court. When we're on the court, we don't get a chance to talk one on one and we're kind of at each other's throats. But I think here I can gain a friendship through these experiences and I'm looking forward to that.

What is it like playing with Lisa Leslie?
Sudbury, Mass.

It's cool playing with Lisa. She's a great person; she's a great player. When you play around great players it tend to lift your game up and the level and intensity that you have on the court. With the Sparks, we have some great individual players, Mwadi, DeLisha, Lisa, Latasha, Ukari so I think just the talent level Lisa brings lifts everybody up.


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